Thursday, July 9, 2015

Family Camp || Sand Play & Ice Cream

Our boys are having the time of their lives at family camp! Nolan is a very social creature, and he loves being around his cousins, the counselors, and the other families all day, every day. He has had non-stop energy, and he barely takes the time to eat and refuel, or sleep! Ephraim is our little adventurer--discovering every new path, splashing in every puddle, and waving at everyone who passes. He cries when we bring him inside the cabin because he wants to stay outside, but he crashes hard and takes marathon afternoon naps. :)

The water may have been freezing, but Nolan was brave and really enjoyed a dip in the lake.

Grandma and Grandpa celebrated their 38th anniversary with all of us yesterday!

Wednesday night was "Parents' Night Out", and while the counselors watched our kids, we ate a fancy meal of salad, Chicken Parmesan, and apple crisp in the dining hall.

Steve and I put our boys to bed, and then we headed out with some great friends for Perry's ice cream. It was the best time!

"Piece of Cake" ice cream-- you tasted almost as good as you did on Steve's and my first date :)


  1. that is a serious ice cream cone! A girl after my own heart :)

  2. what a fun time.....and that ice cream..yum!

  3. Ohhh, that ice cream cone looks so delicious!

  4. Oh these all look like so much fun! I'm loving that red store front!


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