Monday, July 20, 2015

Steve's Birthday

I had some plans brewing for Steve's birthday weekend, but things didn't quite pan out as I'd hoped. On Saturday, Steve worked eight hours tiling bathroom walls at his parents' house while the boys and I went last-minute birthday shopping. When Steve got home, he was worn out, and he just thought it was work-all-day tired. But on the hottest night of July, I found him curled up with a cup of tea with his legs tucked under a blanket, and I realized he was feverish. He had a rough night of sleep, and still had a fever on Sunday morning, so we started canceling the birthday plans. It ended up being a relaxing lay-on-the-couch day for him. He gradually got better as the day went on, and he got his appetite back enough to eat a hefty slice of double chocolate bundt cake. The sun went down with a simultaneous thunderstorm and a Netflix marathon for the two of us. Though I hope to make up for his birthday later this week, it was all in all, a good day!

If only that Old Navy dog was real. . .  

I went through Steve's box of photos, and found this sweet one of him living in Alaska at age 6 or 7. :)

Never have I seen a three-year-old so excited for cake!

Happy Birthday, Steve!! Your boys and I love you so much, and we can't wait to enjoy this last year of your twenties with you!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday to Steve. Hope you're feeling better today. Hopefully soon there will be a makeup birthday party! That birthday cake looks delicious!


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