Monday, August 10, 2015

Weekend Update

We had a low-key summer weekend here, which is a welcome change after a busy few weeks :) We've settled back into a routine, especially since Ivy seems to be bouncing back to normal, thanks to her meds. One of my concerns heading to Minnesota was transitioning Nolan and Ephraim between time zones, but they slipped into Eastern with no problem! Steve went back to working on his dissertation in the mornings and restoring his parents' house in the afternoons. He worked Saturday trying to catch up a little on remodel projects. Sunday, we enjoyed catching up with friends at church, and then we had nothing planned for the rest of the day. Sometimes a little non-adventure is a good thing :) We split a pizza with my in-laws for lunch, then N and E loved the slides in their backyard.

One of these Nolan-catching-Ephraim photos is going in a frame soon! Oh my goodness!

Um. . . Mini Steve. :)



Miss Ivy, getting her rest on.

Ephraim napping meant Lego time with Daddy.

Daddy decided to spoil them with a little vanilla ice cream after they got their PJs on. Isn't life always better when you get ice cream before bed? :)

A quiet weekend will lead up to some crazy weekends ahead with a high school reunion, a wedding, and lots of family birthdays! We are thankful for uneventful days with our little guys. It really is a fleeting season of life. ;)

This Thursday, get your posts ready to talk about steals, deals, and unexpected finds with Astleigh and me for the "Every Girl Link-Up"!


  1. oh my goodness your boys are so sweet and your pictures are beautiful!

  2. Rachel your boys are getting so big! The one of Nolan catching E on he slide is BEAUTIFUL! :) I think sometimes that the weekends with "no plans" end up being the best! Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Jessica!! Yes, they are growing way too fast! :)


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