Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekend Update

Our last official weekend of summer was exactly what I was hoping for. We spent Friday night at home with a large cheese pizza and fresh-squeezed lemonade. On Saturday morning, we headed to Lowe's for the last of the Avengers Build and Grow series! (I'll have to take a pic to show you all six of the projects that Nolan made this summer.) We gave little brother a hammer too, and he happily "helped".

 On Saturday night, we asked my in-laws to babysit so that we could attend Steve's 10-year high school reunion! Steve went to a Catholic high school in the town we currently live in. Not a lot of his classmates were able to come, but the ones that did were Steve's really good friends. We had the best night catching up with them and reminiscing on the fun things they did a decade ago :)

Steve got this ADORABLE shot of our little friend Audraya and her daddy :)

On Sunday morning, we headed out to our church's property in the country for "Rally Day". We had a worship service under the pine trees, and then we feasted on freshly smoked chicken along with potluck sides and desserts.

Rally Day marks the start of the new Sunday School year. Nolan will stay in the same class with his little buddies :)

On Sunday afternoon, we relaxed while Ephraim napped and Nolan watched some "Daniel Tiger". We did a little bit of yardwork and chatted with neighbors.
My mom was in Philadelphia this weekend for a Women of Faith conference, and we missed seeing her on her actual birthday. But last night, we were ready with chocolate cupcakes and gifts to wish her a very happy last year of her fifties :) 

My birthday is nine days after my mom's, and Nolan's is nine days after mine, so we are in full birthday mode around here for the next couple of weekends.

Hope your weekend was lovely! Come back tomorrow for a fun before & after home post :)


  1. We had rally day at our church yesterday too! I have to say that ours isn't in as neat of a setting as yours, that's beautiful! I would love to go to a church service outside. I understand birthday mode, with my husband's family and mine- birthday mode begins in July and doesn't end till January!

    Have a great Monday!
    Linds @ Not A Mom

    1. Fun that you had Rally Day too! It was such a beautiful day to be outside :)

  2. Those outdoor church pics are ah-maze :) Looks so perfect :)

  3. Such a good weekend before getting into the back-to-school grind! I love that your birthday is nine days after your mom's and then Nolan follows nine days after you. Such a sweet little thing!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! I love your photography skills :) Have a GREAT Monday! - Seri from

  5. Wow your church's country property is so beautiful!!!!! I love the wooden pews!! And yay for birthday celebrations!!! MY husband's family is like that - all birthdays are a week or two apart!! Makes for lots of cake and ice cream, which I happily accept :)

    1. Exactly! Nolan was due on my birthday, so I was glad he was 9 days late to separate our days :)

  6. Your guy's last weekend sounds like so much fun!!! Sad it is over, but happy at the same time huh?

  7. LOVE the cubs hat :) way to represent chi town haha


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