Thursday, October 15, 2015

An Adirondack Makeover

At the end of the summer, Steve was walking our dog and noticed that one of our neighbors had an old Adirondack chair on the curb. The neighbor was standing outside, so he asked her permission to take it home with him. He was so excited to show me the chair because he knew that I've always wanted a comfortable, lakeside Adirondack chair of my own. When I first saw it, I was a little skeptical due to its rough condition. It had a worn out flower pattern on the backrest, and the paint had chipped off of the entire chair. As always though, he promised me that he could make it good, and he definitely followed through! We are happy to have a new, free piece of furniture for our wraparound porch!

The flowers were still visible after Steve sanded off most of the old finish.

We painted it with two coats of Olympic's "Wintergreen".

Steve plans on making and attaching a new piece to replace the broken-off edge in the back. Some wood glue, clamps, and paint will do the trick!

Because of the label on the back of the chair, I was able to look up "The Blooming Chair" and found these. They're so unique! Apparently, they are discontinued, but had a price on it for $150, so I think we got a great deal :)

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  1. What an improvement! I love the color you all went with!

  2. So cute and nothing beats free! Nice job!

  3. Love free finds! Your chair turned out really cute!

  4. What a steal ;) I love the new color!


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