Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Spider Crafts

Yesterday, Nolan and I had a spider-themed crafting session. We did four activities based on the eight-legged creatures. Nolan did an awesome job at all of them. He's so good at painting (as long as you don't leave him alone in the room for too long) ;)

If you need a quick and easy Halloween activity for preschoolers, here are some ideas for you!


Before we started, I took a white crayon and drew a spider web on a piece of cardstock. Then, I told Nolan to paint the entire sheet with black watercolor. He was surprised to find the web pattern when he was done!


For the next project, I took a toilet paper roll and cut four legs on each side. Nolan dipped the roll into black paint and stamped it onto the paper several times. (We had to be careful because all I had was non-washable acrylic paint, ha ha.) Then we glued googly eyes onto the spider. He very specifically wanted each to have four eyes. They're cute, right?!


While we still had wet paint, we put Nolan's palm and four of his fingers into it, and made two handprints to form a spider. I really like his answers to the questions at the bottom of the page :)


And for the last activity, I drew a black spiderweb on a sheet of cardstock, and Nolan pressed his thumb into a blue stamp pad to make eight little spiders. I am thinking about making a master copy of this web so that we can make a book with all of the numbers 1-10. 

If you're looking for a Halloween activity this week, these are so easy to pull off! Give them a try! :)


  1. Oh my goodness what a cutie!! Great ideas!

  2. Those are so cute! What great idea Rachel!

  3. Super cute activities! I love your creativity!

  4. oh wow i would love the dev that goes with! if i don't win i will be def putting this on my buy list! can't wait to learn some new ways to teach Banner to be strong and Kind! i think they are both really needed in the world that we are living in now!


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