Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Favorites

How can it be Friday already? I ask myself this question every single week when I type out my favorites! I had been looking forward to our pumpkin patch trip this weekend, but Saturday and Sunday have a high of only 45! We may be staying inside. In my perfect world, October never gets colder than 60. :)

Here are the random faves!

I have been watching my boys play hard this week! N and E make toys out of anything. A box that comes in the mail gets played in and destroyed quickly!

Ephraim is so proud of himself because he learned how to stack Duplos! He has watched Nolan build for forever, but just the other day, E started building towers all by himself! He stacks skinny towers higher and higher until they break. And then he gets frustrated and gives up :)
I don't have a photo of it, but Steve brought out his old Hot Wheels tracks, and Nolan is in car-racing heaven.

Yesterday, I shared the facelift of our new favorite chair! This Adirondack chair was about to end up in a dumpster, but it has a new life on our porch with a pretty mint green paint job :)

I read this article, "This is What Happens When Satan Steals Your Motherhood" a couple of months ago, and it really resonated with me. And then a friend posted it on Facebook this week, and I read it again. I should probably skim it every single day because I need the reminder that I can't let Satan take my joy. I can't listen to him when he tries to whisper lies into my ears. And I can't let anger or self-pity or envy get the best of me.

An excerpt:

"Roll those cars down a ramp, read one more princess story, forget how “busy” you think you are and what the world thinks you should accomplish in a 24 hour period and for heaven’s sake, LOG OFF OF PINTEREST.

Take your kids and an old, worn blanket, reheat that coffee and hold them tight and just rest at the feet of Jesus for a moment.

Today? It is going to be okay. Take back your motherhood. It is a gift. Listen to the life-giver, NOT the liar."

On Wednesday, I made a "Bat Hotel" for Nolan. It's a matching game with simple addition problems so that Nolan can start learning math! Working on this with him was definitely a favorite of the week.

I've been dreaming about these bars for a couple of weeks, and I think this weekend will be the perfect time to make them! If you're looking for a great pumpkin recipe, you will love these Pumpkin Dessert Bars! Think of a dense yellow cake mixed with pumpkin pie (and a little cinnamon crumble on top :)

Hoping your weekend is full of sugar, pumpkin spice, and everything nice!

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  1. Is that not the truth about a box?! And anything else you wouldn't expect. I gave Little L who just turned 1, an empty paper towel roll. Best thing ever until he started eating it of course! Am definitely going to read the article. Just from the snippet, I can see I need to. And it reall resonates with my Friday Favorites today! Glad to have found your blog! Happy Weekend!

  2. Your boys are just so cute! I hope you all make it to the pumpkin patch despite the chilly temperature! Have a lovely weekend, gal :) xo

  3. love all of this! that chair is so cute- love the new look! the color is perfect... and those bars! YUM

  4. I love your chair! And the bat hotel is so cute!

  5. Love the chair! Beautiful color :)

  6. Ooh do I see a new domain/web address? Awesome!!!

    That chair. Those boys. That article. Love it all!

  7. Looks like a pretty great week!
    I made some similar pumpkin bars this weekend, but they were more cheesecake based. So good!


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