Thursday, October 29, 2015

Every Girl Link-Up || Day to Date

What do you do when your husband comes home and you have 10 minutes to get ready for date night? This morning, Astleigh and I are hosting a link-up party to share outfits that can easily be taken from DAY to DATE! Dates for Steve and me these days are few and far between. If we do happen to get a babysitter, I'm usually buzzing around the house, getting the boys settled before we leave. I don't have time to try on different outfits or figure out which dress goes with which cardigan. It's much more convenient to take the outfit that I'm wearing at the time, and just jazz it up a little bit :)

I think all it takes are accessories, hair, and makeup to achieve a more romantic look.

My day outfits are really basic. I have only a few minutes that I can sneak into my room and grab clothes before the boys start screaming or something breaks because I'm not watching them. I usually gravitate towards jeans, a long tank top, and a simple long-sleeve shirt. Here, I chose a white blouse because it's so easy to match! My makeup is just a swipe of eyeliner and mascara, and a coat of pink lip gloss. As for jewelry, I'm wearing my go-to Kate Spade studs, a white bracelet, and my wedding rings to keep it simple around the house.

I quickly turned this daytime outfit into a date-night (let's-go-out-to-eat) look. I switched out the brown boots for my favorite TOMS booties with a tall heel. I added my lightweight scarf for plenty of color and texture near my face. (Another plus, the scarf covers up the big grease stain on the white shirt that mysteriously appeared. #momlife)  It's not a romantic dress like I would ideally choose for a date, but I didn't have to shave my legs. :)

I added several more fancy bracelets to my wrist. Lastly, I went back to my makeup bag for blush, bronzer, a good layer of purple eyeshadow, and a second coat of mascara. I am always excited to leave behind my heavy diaper bag for a small purse or wristlet :)

If you have a Day-to-Date outfit to share, grab our graphic and link up below! I'm looking forward to checking them out! :)

Also, for the future, we changed around a couple of Every Girl Link-Up dates!

Next Thursday, November 5: THANKSGIVING TOUCHES


Thursday, December 3: CHRISTMAS TOUCHES

Thursday, December 10: DIY CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS 

Come back tomorrow for Friday Favorites!


  1. This is really cute and I totally wear jeans and tees most all the time. I feel most me in them!! Those Toms booties are nice too.

  2. I love that scarf! The stripes and colors are perfect. I also love your pretty bracelets!

  3. Great look! I'm such a fan of outfits that can work for both day and night - much easier!

  4. I love how you kept it true with the no shaving time and grease stain cover up haha it happens all the time!


  5. Accessories can make such a big and pretty difference, Rachel. I am so glad I discovered your linkup and was even able to join you with this theme.

    Welcome by and check out my Daytime and Date Night Outfits and you can link up with me today, also.

    Thanks, Ada. =)


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