Monday, December 29, 2014

christmas, part two

On Friday, we celebrated Christmas with my in-laws. In true “Everybody Loves Raymond” fashion, we don’t have far to travel to their house. Our family keeps getting bigger—my in-laws now have six grandbabies to love :)  We opened the pile of generous presents, and then we grazed on cranberry orange cake while chasing around all of the little ones.

My friend Meghan gave us an adorable package of sugar cookie ingredients, and the kids loved decorating the cookies with tiny Christmas bulb sprinkles.


Steve decided to do a read-aloud of “Dad is Fat” by Jim Gaffigan ;)

On Saturday afternoon, we hugged our houseguests goodbye. Life is always so fun when they are here that we miss them already! Nolan never stopped running around with his cousins from Monday to Saturday. And Ephraim loved watching the little baby and trying to touch her face!

On Saturday, Steve was at our friends’ wedding (I unfortunately couldn’t go because it was out of town), and my mom invited us over for dinner and some Swedish rice pudding. It’s the best!

When my mom went to Minnesota last month, she brought back a box of photos and mementos from my grandparents (dad's parents). I can't begin to explain how wonderful it is to discover new photos of my dad. I didn't have nearly enough time to get to know him on this earth, so seeing pictures of him is like piecing together bits of my history. We haven’t made it through the whole box yet, and I can’t wait to see more :) 

I am thinking these were early high school.

Baby Ephraim turned 11 months old yesterday! (Whoa!) I am not going to be ready for his birthday in only a month!

How was your Christmas?


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  2. Looks so merry and happy! That cake looks fabulous.

    I'm obsessed with Jim Gaffigan. That dude is HILARIOUS.

    1 year birthday next month?! What, how?!

  3. Adorable Post ! The art of piano is a treasure, as are those bookshelves <3


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