Wednesday, December 24, 2014

merry Christmas eve

Christmas Eve holds so many special memories for me.
My two very favorite December 24s were:
2008—Steve gave me the world’s most beautiful diamond.
And 2010—we found out that I was pregnant with Nolan :)
I don’t expect anything of such magnitude this year,
but I’m so excited to spend time with our sweet little guys,
and our adorable nieces.
We’ll attend the candlelit Christmas service at church,
listen to the story of a brave Mary,
and of a tiny baby Savior.
We’ll come home, drink hot chocolate, and wrap gifts.
Typically, we’ve unwrapped presents on Christmas Eve (Scandinavian tradition),
but this year we’ll open on the 25th because babies need their sleep.
I can’t wait for Ephraim’s first Christmas!


Merry Christmas Eve to you and yours! Make sure you soak up the next two days!
Christmas only comes once a year :)

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