Friday, December 5, 2014

friday favorites + giveaway

F R I D A Y   F A V O R I T E S

This week has been challenging with the boys, but I think that we’re coming out on top—a little older and a little wiser :)  We finally had some sunlight yesterday afternoon, so I took some cute shots of Nolan and Ephraim.

You know how they say Elizabeth Taylor had double lashes? I think Nolan does too!

We have been watching a lot of Netflix’s new original series “VeggieTales In The House”. Have you seen it? The animation is fresh, and it watches more like a Saturday morning cartoon than a normal VT video. Nolan is obsessed!

Speaking of Netflix, there is a new movie that was added on Monday, called “The Gospel of John”. It’s really fascinating, as it is word-for-word the book of John, with actors portraying all of the scenes.
It’s very well done, with impressive visuals and a high production value. It watches like a documentary, and is lengthy (2:40), but it would be great as an educational resource, broken up into pieces for a Sunday School class or Bible study. Check it out!

“The Gospel of John” was made by The Lumo Project, and was five years in the making! They filmed it in Morocco, so the landscapes look authentically like first century Palestine. Look for the other three gospels to come out as well.

Still loving this favorite new piece in my closet! I will probably be wearing it all weekend :)

My friend from college, Kellynne, did a giveaway this week for an amazing calligraphy piece from her Etsy shop, Hello Yellow. I was so excited to be the winner! I received it in the mail yesterday, and it is even more beautiful in person. She sent me another original of the same verse (on purple paper), and she is letting me give it away today!

I asked Kellynne to write a little bit about herself:

“Hello! I'm Kellynne. I try to live my life in a way that reflects the gifts God has given me. God gave me a tender and loving heart – I am wife to Jorden and mother to one and a half year old Elijah and dog Fry. God gave me a passion for reading and studying the Bible – I earned my Masters in Theological Studies from North Park Theological Seminary. God gave me hands that love to create – I enjoy writing, sewing, crafting, calligraphy, cooking and baking. God gave me a healthy body that craves movement – I love to run, practice yoga, and be outside.

Hello Yellow is a shop that offers sweet and simple gifts. My hope is that each item will bring joy and a smile to those who receive them. I opened Hello Yellow as a creative outlet for things that I love to do - sew and make art out of words. There is so much love in each piece I create, and I hope that is reflected in the quality of the products! I'm planning to expand the products that I offer in the near future to include a line of baby items, so keep an eye out!”
Always believe print

I love this print of Isaiah 9:6!

She does custom pieces as well!

And she sells cute handmade bags and bow ties :)

Lastly, here are a few of my favorite iPhone photos from this week  :)

Have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping by today!

Enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win this gorgeous piece from Kellynne’s Hello Yellow shop!

(It’s a 5x7 handwritten with white ink.)

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  1. That Gospel of John video is really good. I taught the gospel of John to 10th graders one year and I used that video to review each chapter with them. It really is a great resource!

  2. that calligraphy is stunning! Would love to take a class sometime!

  3. What a beautiful post :D I love your pictures -- so beautiful! I love learning what's new on Netflix -- I was wondering about those Veggie Tales, I saw them pop up recently for shows my son might like. Is the Gospel of John a recent production? I remember watching one as a youth. Your blog is so lovely :D So glad you linked up so I could find you! How fun -- ps. . . I have a kids Christmas book I'm giving away on my blog if you'd like to stop by!
    Andrea ||

  4. You always take the best photos of your boys!!! Have a great weekend!!!


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