Thursday, December 4, 2014

Ephraim at 10 months

Baby Ephraim turned 10 months-old several days ago! I’m getting a little sad to be approaching the big birthday so quickly because this is such a fun age! (Minus the crying in the middle of the night.) Ephraim is cruising like a pro, crawling as fast as ever, eating everything in sight, and of course, testing his boundaries. He loves to put the dog’s food in his mouth, dump her water dish, knock over Nolan’s humidifier, pull up on the toilet to stand, and now he can open cabinet doors. Such fun :) This month, he learned how to sign “more” with his hands! He likes to make us laugh by playing peekaboo or pretending to blow raspberries on our tummies. He is pure joy to us, and I’m sure he will surprise us with all kind of new things this month. :)

10 Month Stats

Weight: 20 pounds

Length: Around 28 inches

Eating: He is still nursing, which is wonderful for both of us. With all of the thrush drama that we had, I was having stabbing pain on one side for two weeks. I am overjoyed that things healed up and we made it through! He LOVES puffs, waffle wheels, teething cookies, Cheerios, noodles, and shredded cheese—and stuffs as much as he can into his mouth. I want to feed him more table food, but he still doesn’t have any teeth, so everything has to be mashable with his gums. Bananas and vanilla yogurt are highlights of his day :)

Bedtime: With the time change, we finally got his bed time down to 8! This is hugely exciting because it means after all of these months, the boys are going to bed at the same time! He tends to need someone to shush him back to sleep around 11. And then he eats at 3-ish.

Awake: He wakes up around the time that his brother knocks down the gate and starts yelling in the hall for Mommy and Daddy (7:30—8).

Naps: Naps are pretty short, and he’s down to two a day. One is around 11, and the other around 2, but it varies.

Diapers: Size 3, and I buy the Pampers Extra Protection in 4s for night time. He HIGHLY dislikes getting his diaper changed, and it’s a struggle every time.

Clothes: 9-12 months


He’s ready for those teeth to come in! Hopefully not all at once. . .

This year, Christmas is going to be extra special with you, Ephraim Luke. We are so crazy about you! Xoxo.


  1. His little chunky legs are the best! Both of your boys are super cute!

  2. Ephraim is SO cute!!! We had very similar posts today, I had an "11 month" update up!! :)


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