Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ephraim at 11 months

Ephraim, I can’t even believe you are less than a month away from turning one-year-old! We’ve had a really fun month snuggling up at home and celebrating your first Christmas. You are a little explorer, but I am always your home base. Please stay my baby forever :)

You are:

Dancing to music! (You wiggle and stomp your right foot)
Learning how to share. You give Mommy or Daddy a piece of food or a toy, and quickly take it back :)
Standing for around 15 seconds before you realize you’re not holding on to anything
Waving with both hands when someone new walks in the room
Eating all you can with your ONE perfect new tooth (your bottom left)
Loving the vantage point from Mommy’s hip
Laughing at your big brother’s antics
Investigating everything that has to do with water
Picking up every crumb and sticker off the floor
Waking too often at night (Though last night you slept from 12-8 which I think is the best yet!)
Nursing like a champ. You can’t figure out how to drink water from a sippy cup or bottle. Any suggestions?
Making everyone fall deeper in love with you.

Your legs are still chubby, but they are slowly thinning out (aww. . .). And that hair! It’s getting long, wispy, and somewhat curly in the back. I love it!


I am going to be soaking in these next twenty-nine days the best that I can! He’ll be sporting a “12” before we know it :)

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