Monday, March 23, 2015

Nail Polish Favorites

Essie shades

Hope this Monday morning is finding you well! Today, let’s talk nails! :)

I love having my nails painted. It makes me feel put-together and fancy. I don’t pay for manicures (I’m a frugal student’s wife), so I do my own nails at home. With my lifestyle, the polish never lasts more than a couple of days, but it’s fun nonetheless :)

My favorite brand is Essie. Though Essie polishes may not hold up better than any other brand, the colors are beautiful, the paint is quality, and they don’t dry up.


My newest favorite is the middle—Essie’s “Chinchilly”. It’s a pretty gray with a purplish tint.

Essie’s “Mojito Madness” is a great green for March and the onset of spring! (I’m actually wearing it right now!) Any color looks fun coated with the shiny confetti of Essie’s “Jazzy Jubilant”!

When I want to spend less for a pretty color, I go with Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri. They’re only about $3.99, and they dry quickly and last quite a while. The brush is thick and easily glides onto the nail.

The “Cinna-Snap” and “Jet Set Jade” are really dark, so they’re typically my winter colors. But Sally Hansen’s “Pink Blink” is light and pastel for spring or summer!

When I have time, I apply a topcoat of Essie’s “No Chips Ahead”. It seems to make the paint job last an extra day or so.


And if money was no object, I’d be snagging these beautiful shades for warmer weather!

Left | Essie “Hip-Anema
Right | Essie “All Eyes on Nudes

Left | Essie “Fiji
Right | Essie “Blossom Dandy

Left | Essie “Good as Gold
Right | Essie “Turquoise & Caicos


And the cheaper options:

Left | Sally Hansen “Peach Breeze
Right | Sally Hansen “Blue Away

What’s your favorite color to wear? Do you use regular polish, gel, or Jamberry wraps?

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  1. Love nail polish. I do mine myself also! I love Essie and opi funny bunny is my favorite neutral ever. Have a great day

  2. Come to NYC/Brooklyn the manicures are like $8 in my neighborhood. One of the few things that are super cheap. I love the Jazzy Jubilant color. So fun

    1. $8 manicures sound awesome! Would love to visit NYC!!

  3. Chinchilly is my FAVORITE!!! I have used it for several years now! :)

    1. I'm so glad I invested in it! What a great shade :)

  4. Love these colors! I love Essie color options- I'll have to sign up for the reminder email! Love your link ups

  5. Great colors!! A couple of these need to be added to my nail polish collection for sure ;)

    1. I want to see what's in your collection, Brianne! :)

  6. I'm an Essie lover, too! SO, my VERY FAVORITE color ever is the "Good As Gold" you posted, but Target doesn't carry it anymore!! What are we to do???

    1. Oh no! I don't even have it yet! I'll keep my eyes peeled for it at the other drugstores in town. :)

  7. Love all those Essie shades! I have the Mojito Madness and it IS perfect for Spring :) I have another called Teeny Bikini that is a pale blue that is great too! I like picking up the Sinful Color polishes too at Walmart because they are super cheap, but still pretty good quality polish. I like to change mine every few days, so spending too much on polish is just silly for me. Plus, no matter how hard I try they chip like crazy once giving Xavier his nightly bath.

    1. I almost posted Teeny Bikini because it looked pretty!
      Good to know that Sinful are good polishes.
      Mine chip every time I do dishes/give baths/click in carseats, too! Not fair, right? :)

  8. Love all those beautiful Essie colors! I am not partial to any brand, but always drool over the Essie displays at the store. I bought one, once and was disappointed with my choice! I bought a pale pink and it isn't for me! I much prefer a bright nail! I will be email for info on the link up! Sounds great!

  9. I love that Chinchilly color! This is motivating me to be better about painting my nails!

  10. The chinchilly is the only Essie color I own and I love it!!! I am going to have to get some more colors!! Love your suggestions :)


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