Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Nolan 03.09.15 || three and a half

Yesterday, Nolan Bruce turned three-and-a-half! It does not seem like that long ago we were celebrating his birthday, so how can this be?! We marked the occasion with some donuts and a candle after dinner last night. Why not get excited over the little things like half birthdays? :)

I have to say though, three-and-a-half might just be the perfect age!

I did all of the monthly updates on Ephraim this past year, and I didn’t really talk much about Nolan’s development. It seems like one day you are writing down each new word that your child says, and then all of a sudden, they start conversing with you in full sentences, and you can’t write down everything anymore. Sometimes when he says funny things, I find myself running for a Post-It and pen, and jotting down his words as fast as I can before I forget them.

A few of the cute things he’s said recently:

“I want three baby brothers. Their names are Ephraim, Max, and Ivy.”

As Daddy was leaving for work: “Daddy, be very careful in the snow, in the car. Be very careful on your way to teach school.”

Yesterday, as I was packing up a box to put in the mail:
Nolan: “Mommy, what are you doing?”
Me: “I’m packing up a box to send in the mail.”
Nolan: “Is it the mailman’s birthday? It’s the mailman’s birthday probably! We have to put a birthday toy in it! We have to make him a cake!”

“Dear God, thank you for my girlfriends, Natalie and Kiki. Amen.”


There are still some words he doesn’t pronounce quite right—he has trouble says his “L”s, so even his name comes out more like “No-yan”. And yellow comes out more like “Ye-yo”. On words that are S+ consonant, he drops the S. . . snack is “nack”, stool is “tool”, smell is “mell”, etc. Because I’m with him all day, I never have trouble understanding him.

He collects Thomas trains, Disney “Cars” diecast cars, tools for his toolbox.

He loves painting, coloring with crayons and markers, and drawing on the chalkboard. I have to keep all of his craft supplies up high though, because he likes to be sneaky and color on furniture.

He has started building some really creative towers with Duplos! He will make a car with wings, or a truck with an extra tall body.

His imagination is in full force. He role plays with the PlayDoh containers and the creations that he makes. He likes to serve us PlayDoh food from his toy kitchen.

Everything has to have a family. If he has two or more different sizes of any toy—one becomes the Daddy, one becomes the baby, one becomes the Mommy, etc. I’ve even seen him line up the lids to my pots and pans and assign each size to a family member :)

He wears his red tie almost every day.

The show he loves to watch is Octonauts. He goes in streaks with different shows.

We’ve rented “Planes: Fire and Rescue” several times from the Redbox (just watched it last night!), and he adores it!

He is crazy about books—Corduroy, Clifford, SkippyJon, Arthur, Max & Ruby, Curious George. . . and he even loves to read Mommy’s collection of Fancy Nancy, which makes Mommy very happy.

There are days that Nolan is a complete handful! He is a true first born and likes to argue for the things that he wants. He has mostly gotten over throwing fits, but we still have the occasional whining and carrying-on. When he gets tired, he becomes a wild man and bounces off of the walls!

And little brother tasted his first donut!! Loved it, of course. ;)

Nolan Bruce—you keep us on our toes every single day. You are the most fun little buddy, and we can’t wait to watch you learn and grow more every day. We love you!


  1. It is sooo cute and hilarious that he wears that little red tie every day. Such a little gentleman.

  2. Oh my goodness, he is too cute for words!!! I am also in love with his little red tie--how stinkin' presh is that! Happy 1/2 Birthday Nolan!

  3. he's seriously SO cute... and those donuts look SO good!! love his cute red tie!

  4. Happy 3.5 birthday Nolan! Why not celebrate half-birthdays! I just had my 50.5 - no one noticed except me, but...

  5. He's adorable! He's only about a month younger than my Lily. It's such a fun age!


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