Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Favorite Room

What is your favorite room of your house?

For Andrea’s Show and Tell series today, I wasn’t sure which room I was going to pick. With sleep at a minimum, I sure love every minute I spend in my bed, but my bedroom isn’t my favorite room in our house. I live to eat, but the kitchen isn’t the room I’m most happy in. I think I’ll go with our LIVING ROOM.

I spend a lot of time in the living room. It’s where I blog in the evening hours. It’s where we cuddle up and watch TV at night. And it’s the room I most love to decorate. The boys can’t reach the mantel, so I have free reign with it! The built-ins and the yellow brick are beautiful to look at as they are, and they become really fun with any holiday or party!

The mantel is in a simple décor stage right now. I recently took down all of the Valentine stuff, and I’m transitioning toward spring.

Funny story. . . yesterday I left to have lunch with a friend, and when I came back—Steve had painted the wall above the fireplace! We have talked about painting the whole room gray (it is an old beige that is desperate for a new coat of paint), but we had no set plans for actually going through with it soon! I was so surprised! I really love the color and dimension it adds to our space!

To the right of the fireplace, we have a bay window with a seat where beautiful morning sunlight streams in.

The room is not wide, but it is extra long. In the middle we have the windows shown above, an extra door leading out to the wraparound porch, and a table so we can work while the boys play or watch TV.

And then at the other side of the room, we have this:

I’ve said this before, but it’s as if this section of the room were made to have a baby grand piano!

My mom was subbing in a school last fall when one of her friends mentioned that she knew of a FREE baby grand that needed a home. My mom said that I would definitely be interested, and passed on my number. A week or so passed, and I figured someone had already snatched up the piano. But then I got a call!

The piano was only a mile away, and Steve and I excitedly went to check it out. Then we immediately said that we’d take it! Based on its serial number, we believe it was made between 1930 and 1935.

The owner of the piano (her name was Olga) passed away in her home at 103 years old! She attended the Philadelphia Conservatory of Music, studying piano in the 1920s. She spent her life as a mother and a music teacher at elementary and high school levels. She was married to a surgeon here in our town, and he passed away in 1976.

Anyway, I know this piano must have been her pride and joy, and I am thrilled to have one that has such a sweet history :)

Both boys love pounding the keys! I can’t wait to teach them how to play someday!

I hope you see why this is my favorite room. We are making great memories here!

Here are a few of my favorite photos of the mantel all decorated:

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  1. I love, love, love the piano---I can only imagine the history that it holds and the beautiful music that has been played over its lifetime. I am also digging your white pedestal plates--I have them all over my house and am always trying to think of new ways to use them as well as my mantle.

  2. I really love all the natural wood in your house. Older homes are the best! They have the most character and history. All your decorations are so cute!

  3. Love all the different styles and decorations you've had with the mantle.

  4. The mantel and baby grand stole my heart, but that bay window seat is spectacular!!!

  5. LOVE this room! That piano! I'm so envious. We're in a little city apartment so no room for a piano.
    - Erin (No Bohns About It)

  6. This room is so cute!!
    Love the rug, love the wall color, love the piano!!

  7. I love this room too! A free baby grand. How awesome. and gorgeous!!

    Did you make the garland on your mantle right now? I loves it :)

  8. So Pretty! I love all the different ways you decorated your mantle!

  9. So precious! I love the way that you decorate your mantle for all season and for your parties. What a great space! So special that you know the history of the piano and are giving it another chapter in its story book! :)

  10. This room is perfection!! Love the bay window and window seat! Great fireplace and to have a Grand Piano...just beautiful!

  11. Such a cozy room! Love the rug and the piano. The house we were going to buy had those window seats/benches all along the walls. It was my favorite part!


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