Wednesday, September 16, 2015


My sons' birthday parties are two of my favorite days of the year. It's so much fun to plan a theme, design the party, and invite our best friends over to celebrate another special milestone. I've been saving the camping theme in the back of my mind for a couple of years, and I thought that four was the perfect age to run with it. Originally, I had pictured more of a kitschy, woodland animals party. But as time went on, I wanted a rustic camping look, with antique camping pieces as decor, and red and green buffalo plaid on the paper goods. 

Here are all the details (especially for all my family members out there who I WISH were able to be here.) :)

 I always want to delegate the cake and have someone else make it, but when it's crunch time, I decide to bake it myself and save some money. This one was easy, it turned out pretty, and it only cost us $12.44!

One of my favorite parts of the party was the s'mores bar. We had grahams, cookies & cream white chocolate, milk chocolate, and Reese's peanut butter cups. And then for marshmallow options: toasted coconut, strawberry, classic, extra-large, and chocolate filled squares.

My mom made the sugar cookies, and she definitely out-did herself this year! I am amazed that she wrote "CAMP NOLAN" on the canoes, and made "4"s and patterns on the tepees. Not only are they beautiful, they taste amazing. Thanks so much, Mom! 


I designed the invite, and then I used the same basic graphics for the wall signs.

I had a 24x36 inch engineer print made at Staples, and it was the perfect visual centerpiece for the mantel.

We were able to borrow so much of the camping decor from Steve's parents and our friend Rich.  Some of the pieces were antiques, and I think they really brought the party theme together.

Nolan got this tent for his birthday, so we went ahead and set it up on the porch :)  I'm sure plenty of fun memories will be made playing in this tent!

I didn't get many photos of the food table, but we had hot dogs cooked on the fire, fruit salad, chips, popcorn, and lemonade.


I love my sweet plaid-wearing family! 

In the backyard, we had a campfire set up for everyone to roast marshmallows for the s'mores.

Some fun new s'mores combinations were made :)

Nolan opened some wonderful gifts! 

One of his favorite things is a "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" dress-up set, and he has been wearing his Jake bandanna nonstop :)  His friend Autumn also got him a singing Jake card, and we have heard the theme song about 1,000 times so far. The boys love it!

He got a Jake Duplo set, and a Batman Duplo set, and they are awesome!

Steve and I can't believe our firstborn is 4! He is the most spirited and bright child I've ever met, and I can't wait to experience this next year with him :)


  1. You've outdone yourself! What a wonderful party! You need to start an etsy shop! Love how all the details tie together!

  2. So adorable!! Such a great idea and pulled off so perfectly! Happy 4th birthday Nolan! (4 is a really really great age :)

  3. This is the cutest party! You outdid yourself, lady! I love all your little touches and the cake looks beyond delicious and unique. Happy happy birthday to Nolan.

  4. What a great party! I would love to do a camping themed party. Maybe next year! :)

  5. You did an excellent job! I do the invites for my nephews as well. :)

  6. Great party theme! All the details are so cute!

  7. Simply stunning!! I love every detail, gal!! You always do such a fabulous job with parties :)

  8. Your invitation look so similar to our wedding invitations! (Well, the tree part.) Michael designed them on photoshop and used trees just like that! And where can I find chocolate filled marshmallow squares?! Sign me up! :)

    1. That's so fun! You'll have to show me your invite sometime :)
      I found the marshmallows all at Walmart!

  9. His party turned out adorable! I love the theme! Also, those smores look so delicious!!

  10. THIS IS SO CUTE. amazing job ❤️

  11. Such a cute idea! You really do have a knack for creating a great party. I have always wanted to try the big Staples size print.

  12. Oh my goodness, I just love this party! Great job!!


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