Monday, September 28, 2015

The Moon Party

You all know that I love a good theme party. ;) Our friends Sue and Denny announced that they were going to throw a "Moon Party" to watch the Supermoon combine with a Lunar Eclipse last night. They live in a cabin on a mountain, several miles away, with a great view of the Pennsylvania countryside. Our boys are usually in bed at eight, so we weren't able to stay until the actual eclipse, but Steve and I got to see it from our front porch.

In chalk, "Shine On, Harvest Moon!"

Tumnus, the nine-week-old puppy :)

It starts getting dark out around seven now, so my camera was starting to blur. I am already missing the long summer nights!

Inside the house, there were moon decorations, glow bracelets for the kids, and a delicious spread of snacks.



While the moon peeked through the swiftly-moving clouds, we sang worships songs, including "God of Wonders", "Indescribable" and "All Creatures of our God and King". Lyrics like, "the universe declares your majesty" and "thou silver moon with softer gleam, O praise Him" seem to make so much sense singing outside in nature, don't they?


We drove home and put the tired little boys to bed. We sat out on the porch as the eclipse began, and a little after ten, the "blood moon" made its appearance. Soon the sky went dark for the rest of the evening. I don't believe I've ever watched an eclipse, and I'm happy I got to share the experience with family and friends last night!

Did you catch the supermoon lunar eclipse?

Hope you had a great weekend!

P.S. For those of you who signed up for the scarf exchange, remember to get those scarves out in the mail today!

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  1. How fun is that party?! I agree with a good themed party, love!
    Linds @ Not A Mom

  2. That is such an adorable idea for a party! I love a good theme. It was too rainy here to see the moon :(

  3. So cute!! Love all the different themed items they had too!! We saw it from our porch too, was really red about 8 p.m. ish here - looked more like Mars to me than the moon. Very cool!

  4. How fun is that party?! I love a good themed get together too :)

  5. How fun!!!
    It started raining here right after the eclipse began. We only saw it begin, then the clouds covered it up completely. It looks like you had a beautiful view!

  6. It was too cloudy here to see anything. I was so bummed
    A moon party...that's the cutest idea ever.


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