Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Favorites

 It's Friday! The leaves are officially falling, and it's in the high 60s, so I am starting to get a little more excited about fall. It hasn't been the easiest week, and I am thankful to see the weekend! Take a look at some of our highlights from the past few days:

These are my favorite photos from the week! It is so rare that these boys slow down enough to get their photo taken. It requires a very fast shutter, that's for sure! ;)

We are still getting plenty of harvest from our garden! Our cherry tomatoes only recently started ripening, so we have bowls full of them in the fridge. The raspberries are still going strong, though I'm sure they'll taper off in the next week or so. I pick around 100 raspberries every other day!

And these are our FIVE pumpkins! They all came from the same seed and vine, therefore they are all similar in size and shape (tall and skinny)! I am so proud of them :)
My favorite meal this week was when I revisited my French Onion Soup recipe (an Applebee's copycat). It is the best, and my mouth is watering just thinking about it again! If you're a French Onion Soup lover, give it a whirl--it's not too hard!

I also retried this recipe for copycat Chick-Fil-A Nuggets. My boys thought they were delicious! I personally love them with honey drizzled all over them :)

On Tuesday, I shared our new porch color. We took an afternoon and painted a light gray over all of the old red, which had gotten so dirty. It looks much fresher! Thanks for your tips on how to make the porch an even better space :)

Speaking of DIY home projects, I posted about this little sewing table yesterday. Found on the side of the road, we painted it white and adorned it with aged bronze hardware. It has a new life as our entryway table!

My favorite moment this week was definitely holding our pet butterfly. On Wednesday, I shared all the photos of her caterpillar- to chrysalis- to butterfly transformation. It was so amazing to watch! I only wish we could have kept her longer!

My mom and stepdad Don had a really hard week this week. To make a long story short, Don made a couple of visits to the hospital with vertigo, low blood pressure, and stomach trouble. The doctors found a small ulcerated mass in his stomach, causing internal bleeding. We waited a couple of days for a biopsy, and we were very worried. But, PRAISE GOD--his biopsy was benign! Most likely, he has had this mass inside for a long time. He had to have a few blood transfusions since he had lost so much blood. He went home on Wednesday, but the doctors still need to decide what road is best to take with the small mass so that it doesn't continue to be troublesome for Don. Prayers are welcome :)

For this last weekend of September, we've got a few projects going on at home. I can't wait to see how the rest of the weekend will pan out :) As long as the boys are in good moods, I am happy!

Have a good one! See you back here on Monday.

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  1. Praying for Don, and so glad he had a good outcome. Sounds like a very stressful week -- you all must have been so relieved that it wasn't something more serious when it was all said and done. And on a lighter note, I love your boxwood wreath! :)

  2. I will be in prayer for your stepdad. Praise God that they got to the bottom of it quickly! And you should be SO proud of those pumpkins, they are perfect!!!

  3. Your pumpkins are fab! I actually spent yesterday morning driving around looking for tall skinny pumpkins. I finally found some at a local farm but next year I may try to grow my own. Did you buy the seeds?

    1. I actually composted a pumpkin that I grew last year! I could possibly send you seeds from one of these pumpkins, if you want! :)

  4. So good to hear that Don's mass was benign! Prayers for him as they figure out what comes next. And those pumpkins!! Send me one?! ;)

  5. I worked with your mom at Covenant events many years ago, and have been enjoying your blog (found through her). I've been following her status updates on her facebook page, and praise God the tumor is benign. Prayers through this process for everyone!

  6. Stopping by from the link-up. I love that your Friday Favorites are beautiful moments from your life as opposed to just sharing things you want to refreshing. Also, super jealous of your garden

  7. Those pumpkins look huge!
    I love how your porch turned out!
    And now I am thinking I need to add that soup to my menu next week! YUM!

  8. Get out!! You grew those pumpkins?!!! I am incredibly impressed with your harvest this year. Loving that toothy grin your baby boy has.


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