Monday, September 14, 2015

Hour by Hour Weekend

This weekend was definitely one to remember! I can't believe it's already Monday, and we're back to the work week. Today, I'm linking up with my friend Astleigh to share our hour by hour weekend! I had a hard time remembering to get a photo at every hour, but I did my best. Nolan's party was the main focus of the weekend, so any time I'm missing a photo, I was probably working on something party related :) 


6:00 pm >> We ordered our weekly cheese pizza from our favorite restaurant. Mmm! Every time we order a pizza from this place, it comes a little bit differently. Sometimes the crust is super thick, sometimes the cheese is browned, and the spices vary. This used to bother me, but I'm glad that our pizza is made fresh every time, and it's always good!

7:00 pm >>  The four of us went for a walk around our neighborhood. This house always has the best seasonal decor!

8:00 pm >>  I gave Steve and Nolan haircuts, the boys took a bath, and they went to bed. Steve and I crashed and watched a movie.


8 am >>  We woke up to a rainy and cold Saturday. I found this beautiful multicolored leaf in our backyard. I just don't know if I'm ready for fall! It gets so cold, so fast!

9:00 am >>  We aren't always good at getting our dishes done at night, so there was a full sink waiting for me. I did some laundry at this point as well :)

10:00 am >>  Breakfast was a little bit of granola and milk and a slice of raspberry zucchini bread. I used the very last zucchini from our summer garden! 

11:00 am >>  We got the boys ready for our friend Anderson's 2nd birthday party! The party was at the biggest church in town, and I didn't realize it has such an incredible view.

12:00 pm >>  My friend Ashley Rose did such an amazing job on Anderson's Cookie Monster theme! She hasn't been feeling well in over a month, but she still made sure to go all out for her son's birthday :)

1:00 pm >>  The party room at the church had this awesome indoor playset, and our boys and all the other kids had a BLAST!


2:00 pm >>  At the end of the party, we took home these cute little cookie jars with homemade chocolate chip cookies inside :)

3:00 pm >>  After picking up balloons, we headed home. I set Ephraim down for a nap, and then I went to run party errands. The printer at Staples wasn't working, and I wasted 30 minutes waiting. Afterwards, I stopped at Walmart to pick up a couple of photos and cake ingredients.


5:00 pm >>  I don't often drink a hot cup of coffee so late in the day, but it sounded AMAZING!

6:00 pm >>  Dinner on Saturday nights is never fancy at our house. This blue box satisfies all four of us :)

8:00 pm >>  After the boys were in bed, Steve and I got to work on Nolan's birthday cake! We made four round layers of yellow cake.

 9:00 pm >>  Steve's brother Josh came over, and while they watched American Ninja Warrior, I worked on cutting out these letters, and we did quite a bit of vacuuming and rearranging furniture. 


9:00 am >>  I took a shower and got dressed. Nolan and Daddy went to Sunday School, and Ephraim and I stayed home and ate breakfast together. :)

10:00 am >>  I took some time to arrange decor on the mantel.

11:00 am >>  This was a really cute scene during the service. Nolan wanted to sit with Uncle Josh and grandparents. Eventually, he came back to Mommy's pew (only because I have the fruit snacks) ;)

12:00 pm >>  Ephraim and I ended up in the nursery downstairs. He played with toys until the sermon was over, and then we went home.

1:00 pm >>  Nolan went over to his grandparents' house while we got our house ready for the party. Ephraim LOVED playing with the balloons. He laid down for a nap for the rest of the afternoon.

2:00 pm >>   We borrowed our friends' fire pit, and Josh got to work getting the fire started in the backyard.

3:00 pm >>  I assembled the cake layers with chocolate filling and marshmallow cream cheese frosting. Steve toasted the marshmallows on the top :) 

 4:00 pm >>  Everything was ready to go, and guests began arriving at Camp Nolan!

 5:00 pm >>  We ate grilled hot dogs and s'mores and enjoyed everyone's company!

6:00 pm >>  We sang "Happy Birthday" to Nolan, cut the cake, and opened presents. My mom made these amazing sugar cookies!

7:00 pm >>  Pirate Nolan got a TON of pirate toys! (My friends must read my blog.)  ;)   He immediately put on his Jake headband, and of course he later went to bed with it on.

8:00 pm >>  I took a couple of selfies with the birthday boy (and his little brother) before they went to bed. What a FUN day!! 

9:00-11:00 pm >>  Steve and I cleaned up the house, relaxed, watched "Friends", and I wrote this post!

There you have it--almost every hour of our weekend!

Have a great Monday! :)


  1. Great minds think alike! We had pizza Friday night as well. We usually like to make ours, too, and then fight over who gets the oven first!

    1. Homemade pizza sounds amazing any day of the week! :) :)

  2. Your weekend looks so good! And I can't wait to see all of the detail of Nolan's party, it looks fabulous!!

    1. Thanks Astleigh! I'm hoping to get the photos up on Wednesday :)

  3. What a fun party, everything looks amazing! And always your mantel is perfection. S'mores cake, yes please!

  4. What a great post & great pics... Looks like a fabulous weekend was had by all! Have a great week!

  5. That's such a creative idea for a cake!! I love that the top had roasted marshmallows!

  6. That looks like my kind of party! S'mores cake AND actual s'mores?! Perfection!


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