Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Who's Coming to Dinner

My writing prompt today comes from Andrea, and it's 

"If you could invite five people to a dinner party at your house, who would it be?" 

I didn't think too long and hard about it, and I came up with five famous women who inspire me in some way. 

Kate is the picture of sophistication and all things classy. Like most ladies in America, I really started admiring her during the Royal Wedding extravaganza, the summer I was pregnant with Nolan. :)  It's hard to find a role model without a fault. Sometimes you think you really like an actress, but then you see her in a movie full of profanity or promiscuity, or she disappoints you with her bad real-life behavior. Kate, up to this point, has not been a disappointment. She carries herself with grace, and flashes her beautiful smile at everyone she comes across. With George and Charlotte, she makes motherhood look good! And come on--she's a straight-up princess :) Kate is one person I will regret never meeting . . . although I can always hope that we will.


I started watching the pilot season of Gilmore Girls when I was in eighth grade in 2000. Gilmore Girls has had this huge new resurgence with gals my age (especially with it on Netflix), but for me, it's a nostalgic show that reminds me of my own coming-of-age from 8th grade through my sophomore year of college. 

I continued to watch Lauren Graham in Parenthood, and I'm hoping she'll continue acting in the future. Lauren seems like a really down-to-earth person, with whom I would have no trouble getting to know, or laughing with! I appreciate her sense of humor. Lauren's acting has been the perfect mix of deep sentimentality and witty banter. I think you can tell that this is how she'd be in real life as well.  :)


Kari Jobe is basically the female face of today's Christian worship music scene. Her passion for the Lord is contagious. Kari's songs are deep, worshipful, and on-point theologically. I think her voice is unique and beautiful!

I'd love to meet her and hear her sing live in concert. It would be amazing to have a cup of coffee with her and listen to her tell her story. I was so happy to see that she got married this past year, and even more excited that she's expecting her first baby!



Ah, Joanna Gaines. Fixer Upper Extraordinaire. The only person I know who can make any house into a farmhouse-chic, magazine-worthy home.

If she came over to my house for dinner, I'm sure it would be only a matter of minutes before we'd be knocking down walls, putting up shiplap, and decorating every possible inch of horizontal surface! I LOVE that she's a doting mom of four and can still balance hosting a TV show, running a decorating shop, and designing her own furniture line. Let's just call it for what it is. . .  Steve and I want to be Chip and Joanna Gaines when we grow up ;)


And Candace:

"Full House" was on the air my entire childhood. I grew up seeing Candace as DJ, the smart and fun older-sister type. Candace impresses me with everything that she does today, from writing books, to talking boldly on national television about her faith and beliefs, to continuing to be a visual presence in the world of entertainment. I love her wholesome role choices--and I'm certainly excited to see "Fuller House" coming to Netflix soon! (I hope it turns out to be better than "Girl Meets World," but that's another story :) 

Since she's a mom of three teenagers (including two boys), I know she'd have a lot of wisdom to pass along to me. And I can't help but think she would just make the loveliest dinner guest!

It would be a dinner party to end all dinner parties! And it gets me excited that someday I could get the chance to be in the same room as one of these five ladies. :)

And you? Who would your FIVE be?


  1. Love all of your choices! I put Kate Middleton as well! She seems like a popular choice! I love Joanna Gaines so much and Candace Cameron Bure too! Maybe I should just come to your dinner ;)

  2. I am seriously the only person that didn't put Kate, I don't know what I'm missing out on I guess! Candace and Lauren are GREAT choices, I don't know how I missed LG! & I love Kari Jobe, my friends and I freaked over her wedding pictures.

    Linds @ Not A Mom

  3. Kate can do no wrong! Who looks that good right after birth both times!? Hah

    Lauren seems like she'd be a great girlfriend!

    And Candace would have so many fun full house stories! Talk about an awesome childhood!

  4. Lauren Graham was a great choice!!! I loved her in Parenthood!! Candace is coming to my party too! Hope she can make both. :)

  5. Fun!!! I love Kate, she was on my list too! (Along with Will and Harry of course!). Lauren Graham seems so fun. Did you ever read the fiction book she wrote? It's been on my list ...

  6. Can I join your dinner party?? I'd love to meet all these ladies!

  7. How fun! I think Candace Cameron Bure would be a wonderful person to visit with, and learn from. :)

  8. I love your guest list and want to crash the party! Have you read Lauren Graham's book "Someday, Someday Maybe"? It's so good and she's in the works of writing a sequel!

    Angela @ Top Knots and Curly Locks

  9. LAUREN GRAHAM! Why didn't I think of her?! She is my favorite and I grew up watching Gilmore girls every night before bed, which also reminds me of Full House. I should've put Candace Cameron Bure but I put someone else ;)

  10. I'm looking at your dinner party guest choices and I'm like "WHY did I not pick the same people???" I did choose Candace Cameron Bure, but I totally would love to have all of your picks!!! And I totally hear you on wanting to be Chip and Joanna Gaines when you grow up. My husband and I are the same way.


  11. I don't know HOW I forgot about Kate!! That was definitely a great choice! I'd love to pick her brain about motherhood.

  12. All great ladies to have over! I think I would have to have Joanna come over early to redecorate my house before the dinner. lol!

  13. Yes Lauren Graham! I love Gilmore Girls now because I loved it then. I think that's how a lot of people felt about it being added to Netflix, nostalgic!

  14. Chip and Joanna are my favorite!!! Lauren Graham will always be Lorelai to me. I wonder if she would respond to an invitation with that name on it? ;)


Thank you so much for your comments! I enjoy reading each one!


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