Friday, January 3, 2014

baby bump: 36 weeks

36 weeks

how far along? 36 weeks, due January 28th.  (Just a few weeks to go!)

how are you measuring? At some appointments, they tell me I’m measuring a little small.

size of baby:
size of a winter melon, about 19 inches (head to toe) and 6 pounds

heartbeat: 145 bpm (last week).

total weight gain: + 29 lbs. Lots of Christmasy sweets around still… ;)

sleep: I’ve been waking up once or twice a night to use the bathroom, and sometimes I am wide awake for a while afterwards. I’m trying to sneak some naps in the afternoon with Nolan.

movement: He’s pretty active all day long.

food cravings: Pizza, hot chocolate, cookies, cereal, eggnog, oatmeal bread. I have challenged myself to drink something every hour—hard to remember, but I feel really good about doing it. (I have to go to the bathroom every hour as well… which seems like every 5 minutes.)

symptoms I have: Acid reflux when I lay down, painful veins in my legs, slightly bloody nose in the mornings, and a pain in my lower left back.

stretch marks: No new ones at this point.

belly button: Didn’t pop with Nolan, hasn’t popped yet.

doctor’s appointment: I’m meeting weekly now with the doctor/midwives/PA. Last week, the PA told me that she thinks the baby is in a transverse position—lying horizontally across my stomach as opposed to head-down. Everything checked out fine. I have my next appointment this afternoon, which will include the Group B Strep test and checking my cervix for the first time to see if I’ve dilated at all.

what I’m looking forward to: I still have a fairly long list of things I’d like to get done before the baby comes. I bought a couple tiny outfits for him (and received a few for Christmas) that I’m excited about. I want Steve to refinish a dresser we were given so that I can re-wash all the clothes and put them away. I have hopes of sewing a couple things for baby, too. It will be so amazing to meet this little guy—I can’t wait! I just hope that Nolan adjusts well, and is excited to have a baby brother. I will miss the times that he and I have had alone—and I’m sure I’ll miss how easy it is to leave the house with just one child. I pray that my heart is ready for all the expanding it’s about to do—I am going to be so in love with my three guys!


  1. You look amazing as always! Good luck at your appointment! I have my 40 week appointment today and I hope to hear there is an end in site!

  2. You look great and have such a gorgeous smile. I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly!

  3. Hi Rachel. Lets support each others blogs!

    You can find me on Facebook here
    I will also like your page!

    XO Bethany

  4. Wow so close, not long to go, how exciting! I wish you all the best and I hope Nolan loves having a sibling.


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