Thursday, January 9, 2014

throwback thursday: baby nolan

I’m going through old photos, thinking about when my little guy was born, and reliving some of those memories. I’m realizing today he turns 28 months-old! It is honestly hard for me to see Nolan in these little baby photos. How can this be the same little boy who is now running around, exploring, forming sentences, playing with cars, coloring, and climbing furniture? I thought he was high-maintenance as an infant (which he was), but in these photos he looks so serene and cuddly.


I wonder if this baby inside me looks just like baby Nolan, or if he has a completely new look—a new combination of Steve and me. Will he have such dark hair and dark gray eyes at birth? Steve and I did a Punnett square (ha!) to figure out that our babies have a 50/50 chance of dark or light eye color. Now that I have my brown-eyed boy, I would love a green-eyed boy like Steve. But obviously, I will be over-the-moon no matter what or whom this baby looks like :)


  1. So cute! It is crazy to look back and see how same our little guys used to be!
    And these photos are totally giving me baby fever..yikes! :)

    Can't wait to see the photos of your new little guy? Have you decided on a name or are you waiting until he is born?

  2. How sweet! I can't wait to see the new precious boy! Good luck!

  3. haha! I love the Starwars onesie! Too cute! :)


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