Monday, January 13, 2014

life lately

Friday night was Nolan’s first night in his “big boy bed”! It actually went really well because he skipped his nap, so he was quite tired by the time his bed was all put together at 9. On Saturday and Sunday, he kept asking to go upstairs to see his bed :) But when it came time for naps—he just couldn’t fall asleep. Instead, he pulled out all of his clothes from his dresser, played in the closet, and found a way to crawl underneath the baby gate and come find me, saying “I’m back! I’m back!” with a big smile on his proud face. He fell asleep easily last night, thank goodness, but while Steve and I were watching Downton Abbey, we heard a thump, and he had fallen out of the bed for the first time. It’s definitely a new experience for him, but it’s going well, and he loves the freedom of it!

So cute how he’s sleeping on sheets that were mine when I was little! When he curls up in the corner of the bed—on his tummy with his legs underneath him—he only takes up like 1/10th of the bed!

Steve starts a new semester of teaching today (for one university). Next week, he’ll begin teaching two classes with a second university. I’m a little nervous to be expecting our new baby at any point now, while Steve is starting a brand new schedule (involving quite a bit of commuting). But I’m sure it’ll all work out in God’s right timing!

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  1. Yeh! Xavier still won't sleep in his bed :( I am wondering it I switch to a regular bed vs. the crib/toddler set up if it would work any better. Do you have a rail on the bed so he won't fall out? We bought a cheap one at Walmart that is retractable so it folds away. It works really well when put move X to his bed, but he still is able to get out of bed around it.
    This is a exciting and scary time I am sure with all the new classes for Steve and the new baby about to join you! Enjoy every last moment!


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