Friday, January 10, 2014

bats and big boy beds

Yesterday afternoon, I was making an Oreo dessert for Steve to take to the youth group last night, and Nolan decided he needed to help eat the Oreos… with mittens and a hat on. :) He has such a sweet tooth! (I’ll post the recipe on Tuesday.)

He refuses crackers, cereal, and real food all day long. So I often let him sit on the couch and eat while he watches TV... whatever works, right?

Ivy is always underfoot when there is food involved, even just crumbs.

Nolan’s big boy bed arrived last week, and his mattress and mattress pad were delivered yesterday (all from Target). We are going to put it together today, and see what happens! Wish us luck. I’ll have to post photos of his room next week.

Last night Steve headed out for youth group at 6. Nolan and I sat down to watch his new favorite movie, “Cars”. I decided to turn on the Christmas tree lights for the last time and start packing away ornaments. As I was putting them in their boxes, I saw something fly by in the hallway by the front door of the house. Large. Gray. Flying. BAT! I screamed and moved Nolan over to the other side of the room. I called Steve at youth group and asked him what I should do. None of the rooms on first floor have doors to shut ourselves off. Luckily church is nearby, so Steve came home to save us. I thought for sure that he wasn’t going to find the bat—that it would have gone back upstairs to hide, and I was going to have to live in fear for the next few days that I was going to encounter it again. But he grabbed a tennis racquet (not his first bat experience, even though it was mine), and he discovered the bat lying on one of the stairs. He hit the stairs with the racquet a couple times to see what it would do, and it didn’t move. Unsure if it was dead, he took a Cool Whip container and a piece of cardboard, and trapped it. It started fluttering inside the container, and he took it outside and released it into the air. We have heard bats in the walls for several weeks, so I knew the day would come when one would make its way into the house. Hopefully this one is gone for good!
Finishing up “Cars” before bed. A rare moment of cuddling.

Steve and I came down with colds in the last couple days, so we’ll be laying low and trying to get better.

What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. So glad you let it go! We had the same thing happen, but my cat caught it and the hubs rescued the bat (and us from the bat).
    Marie @
    In Our Happy Place

  2. Freaky! Bats in the walls?! And since when did your little boy get so big? He sounds like a hoot.

  3. Oh, not a fan of bats. We have only had a couple in my house (mainly mice). Here in China there are a lot of bats, not a fan.

  4. Yay for big boy beds, Nolan will do great !! I love the bat story, I'm sure your laughing about it now, right? And yeah whatever works... :) some kids will only eat chicken nuggets lol.
    ~~Amanda L.~~


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