Monday, January 6, 2014

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We just wrapped up a week of cousin-time at our house. Nolan’s girl cousins came to visit, and he had an absolute blast with them.
We unwrapped Christmas gifts with Steve’s family on Monday (his parents, three brothers, and their families—13 of us in total).

Nolan’s grandma and grandpa bought him a Larry-Copter. What a perfect gift for him!

Our oldest niece is 9-years-old and has autism/epilepsy. She really enjoyed this new toy—a Little People Disney Princess “Klip-Klop Stable”. It’s a really fun toy.

Mixing up something good.
Nolan slicing up cookie batter. He’s never acted very interested in pretend food, so I haven’t bought him any kitchenware, but he played with his cousin’s toy for a good half hour!
She wanted a juice box—but not for herself—she wanted to feed it to Nolan. She followed him around until he was done drinking it! Such a sweetheart! Future nurse, perhaps?
Master chocolate-chip-pancake maker.

I tried a new recipe for these peanut butter chocolate bars the other night, and they were raved about. I will have to post the recipe soon!

My cousin Dayna sells “Scentsy” and sent me a gift—a warmer with Black Raspberry Vanilla wax. I love it!
Coloring at the table. Notice the red streak on the white chair… We’re trying to learn that markers and crayons only go on paper.
The girls had the cutest new outfits!

And they bought Nolan a Kermit shirt :)

The first floor of our house makes a big square—and my favorite moments this week were when the kids decided to run around it, chasing each other over and over. Their dads would run after them—making them squeal and laugh for fear of being captured and tickled. Then Nolan would come up to me and say, “Mommy, chase?” And even though running around is the last thing I want to do when I’m this pregnant, I couldn’t resist because it made him just so excited.

Although life has gone back to its normal pace, we definitely miss them already! Nolan has been saying their names often, and I’m sure he wonders where they went and why we won’t see them for a while now.

Today, I need to run some errands and pick up groceries while we still have decent temperatures. Tomorrow has a high of –1, so I think we’ll be hibernating!


  1. I say this every week, but I love all your photos! Great time had by all it appears :)
    Those bars look super yummy! Recipe please :)
    X likes us to chase him too! I can only imagine how it would be to chase him pregnant! Not too much longer :)

  2. So much fun to be had! Next year you will more to chase too ;)

  3. What great pictures ---Captures the fun had by all and all their personalities Adorable kids

  4. looks like you all had so much! And yes! please share that peanut butter chocolate bar recipe :).


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