Thursday, March 6, 2014

5 things for newborn (& mama)


Each one of these five things has become a very important part of my life these past 5 weeks! I didn’t have these particular items when Nolan was a newborn, so I’m very grateful to have discovered them this time around! They are life-savers :)

1.  Fisher-Price Rock ‘N Play—These little beds are so comfortable for baby! They are at an incline which is great for babies like Ephraim who spit up a lot. Mama can rock it back and forth easily, and this one comes with a vibrate feature.
2.  Summer Infant SwaddleMe blanket—These swaddles are nice and tight because they have velcro to keep the baby’s arms down. I haven’t tried many other swaddle brands, but this one seems to work for us (at least up to this point!)
3.  MAM pacifiers—I really love the style and curved design of MAM pacis. I just wish Ephraim could keep them in by himself!
4.  Snugli—Ephraim falls asleep within minutes every time I put him in it. And I like the Union Jack design.
5.  Kindle Fire—This is obviously not for the newborn, but for the newborn’s mama. :) I love being able to hold the Kindle Fire in one hand while I’m feeding the baby. I can entertain myself in the middle of the night—read blogs, check Facebook, watch Netflix—without having to go downstairs to the TV or computer.

Mamas, do you agree? Are there any essentials that you would add to my list?


  1. I absolutely agree with the rock and play! It was my favorite baby purchase and I recommend it to EVERYONE I KNOW!

  2. Footed jammies and a boppy. I just love zip up jammies so they're always warm. How did you make your picture? It looks great!


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