Friday, March 21, 2014

our week > instagram

The day has finally come when I can say: Follow me on Instagram!
I am @floralandfudge.
How fun is Instagram!? I am loving it.

This little one…almost always on my arm.

Our first family excursion to Walmart last Friday. We kept Ephraim home (mostly) for six weeks to stay away from germs and freezing cold weather.

Meghan came over to see the baby. And she came with s’mores milkshakes :)

Lover of all sweets, just like Mommy & Daddy.

Ephraim’s first time to church on Sunday.

Once we got there, Steve was up front leading worship, and my mom helped me get Nolan settled in the pew. After two songs, he was restless, so she asked him if he’d like to go downstairs to play with toys in the nursery. He obliged, but instead of heading towards the stairs, he bolted to the front of the sanctuary. My mom chased after him, picked him up, and he started yelling “See Daddy! See Daddy!” The congregation found the scene quite humorous. ;)
Lunch at Subway after church.

We rented “Frozen” from the Redbox when it came out on Tuesday. Loved it! It definitely lived up to the hype.

Nolan was pretty thrilled to stop at McDonald’s. He has gotten so picky with food lately, that it feels like a victory to see him eat chicken nuggets and fries!

Steve normally is gone all day on Thursdays, but since he’s on break, yesterday we drove a little over an hour to our nearest Target! I believe we spent two hours there, and it was wonderful. I could have spent two more.

We had to stop at Olive Garden while we were there, too. It never disappoints!


Nolan keeps going to bed late and waking up early, so he was having some meltdowns at the store and restaurant. Ephraim proved to be the easier child on this trip.

Hope you enjoyed this peek into our week.
Wishing you a lovely weekend!!


  1. Welcome to the instagramming world! I love all the shots of your little man - and on a completely random note, I want your rug.
    Happy Friday!

  2. Love that you are on instagram now!
    And I can unfortunately relate to the those meltdowns all to well :( Xavier has decided I am the enemy these days! He pushes me aways, says to go, closes me out of the room when he is playing with Mic. And has hit me far too many times than I would like to admit :( I just keep praying this will end soon!
    And I still don't know how you are over an hour away from a Target. There are so many places that are like that for me too, but thankfully Target is not one of them!
    Enjoy your weekend Rachel!

  3. Instagram is the best!! Love it! I'm so glad you've joined the dark side ;)

    AND I'm SO happy that you got your Target and OG trip in!

  4. You have to drive an hour to Target!!! Oh my!!! I would probably save money, but it would be so hard!!! Looks like a fabulous week to me!

  5. I'm glad you've joined Instagram - it's so much fun! And the story about Nolan in church is the cutest!


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