Monday, March 17, 2014

st patty’s day & favorite things

Ephraim says, “Happy St, Patty’s Day!”

We’ve been in the green spirit this weekend.

We made some shamrock shakes by stirring up a couple scoops of vanilla ice cream with milk, green food coloring, and a drop or two of mint extract. So delicious!

When I woke up yesterday, Steve surprised me with green pancakes. :)

And he made Nolan a shamrock! I was so impressed!

Also today, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika to share a couple of my favorite things under $10 :)

I saw a 25% off deal on and snatched up a few of these sweet-smelling spring scented soaps. I love their cute new packaging in short & stout bottles. Individually, they’re $6.50, but you can get 4 for $18 or 6 for $24. I love that scent brings back memories so vividly. When I smell “Sweet Pea”, I think of my late sister Hannah. When I smell, “Vanilla Berry Sorbet”, I remember the summer that Nolan was born.

My other new favorite thing is this water bottle that I found at Walmart the other night for around $8. I wanted a glass water bottle (I find plastic starts to smell after a while). I like the pink rubber grip on the outside, and the rubber cork.

Hope today brings you lots of luck and gold and such ;)



  1. i am way impressed by that shamrock pancake! it looks so tasty too!

  2. Adorable !! I loved dressing my E in green all March long when he was a baby ! :) Super surprised at the pancakes. #AwesomeMommy

  3. LOVE that sweet baby in his shamrock pj's!!! He's ADORABLE!!! I'm so glad you shared that water bottle. I agree...the plastic ones ick me out after a while. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. How sweet of your hubby to make pancakes!!! I love that he made a shamrock shaped one!!! Impressive!

  5. OMG How sweet is your little man!? Loving the st. pattys day themed pancakes - yummmm!

  6. Love shamrock shakes! Fun idea to recreate them! and those pancakes! YUM!

  7. Those pj's are adorable! And I love the shakes and pancakes! We made green pancakes and milk too!

  8. Love love love both of your favorite things!! I need them both immediately! And that little Irish lad?! Too stinkin cute!!

  9. Your little guy is so cute in his St Patty's day pj's! I love those Bath and Body Soaps!

  10. That shamrock pancake is awesome! I need to stock up on some B&BW soaps!

  11. I'm super impressed with your hubbys pancake skills!!! And I'm the same way about scents :) Thanks for linking up!!!

  12. Haha we DO like the same things. Those soaps and the water bottle are great!


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