Monday, March 24, 2014

the boys

Ephraim will be eight weeks-old tomorrow, (and two months-old on Friday), and he has me so wrapped around his little finger. He has started to coo and make happy sounds, and they are the sweetest noises. Also, his smiles are more frequent and intentional. Yesterday morning, my mom was holding him at church, and he was gazing all around to take in the sights. Then his little eyes landed on his mama, and he gave me a darling wide-open-mouthed smile!

When church was over, I was chatting with friends, and I heard another little someone pick up the microphone at the front of the sanctuary and start singing his ABCs. He skips a few letters, and a couple are mispronounced (i.e. W is “uppadew”), but the boy just loves his letters! We’ve taught him to memorize the letters of his name, and yesterday he recited them to me “N-O-L-A-N”!

Life is not without its challenges, but we’re forging ahead (somewhat sleep-deprived) into another full week.  :)


  1. What sweet little faces! I can't believe he going to be 8 weeks already, my how the time flies!

  2. Adorable ! You are the best parent (Steve too) Spelling ! That's awesome...

  3. Aw just such sweet little boys!!


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