Thursday, March 20, 2014


Nolan has really enjoyed having his daddy home more this week, due to spring break. When Steve suggested baking cookies on Tuesday, Nolan’s eyes lit up so brightly with excitement! He’s helped measure and stir batter for pancakes, but never cookies. Carefully, they gathered all their ingredients and got to work on our favorite recipe (simply Toll House). :)

At this point, Nolan didn’t want to give up the chocolate chips he was snacking on to put them in the batter, so we had some tears.

Little brother supervised the action in the kitchen.
It’s so special to watch the relationship grow between these two guys. Steve is just the best dad (even through all the disciplining we’ve been having to do!). And this is still only the beginning :)


  1. Adorable!! I love baking cookies, or anything really with my son and he definitely loves it when Dad helps out too! Such cute pictures :)

  2. So sweet! But, now I'm craving cookies. (=

  3. Love it! What a great activity to do together :) We have been disciplining a lot these days too :(

  4. Ha! Abigail never wants to forfeit up the chocolate chips either ;)

  5. What sweet little pictures. I bet it's so nice having everyone home for the week!

  6. Love Daddy Nolan time :) and the tears, so cute !!


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