Friday, March 7, 2014



Life with two kids and a dog is messy.
The week started off with Nolan having a couple of throw-up episodes. He told us that his ear hurt, so we brought him to the pediatrician to see if he had an ear infection. Thankfully, she said that his ears were clear. We rewarded him for a good appointment by taking him to the ice cream shop, which he loved!

Then the dog got sick on Wednesday and wouldn’t eat her food. She had accidents in the house—very loose stool, which has never happened in the 4.5 years we’ve had her. Suffice it to say that one of our rugs is stained, and she has been confined to the kitchen since yesterday morning. We are grateful that she is active and doesn’t appear lethargic, so hopefully she’s on the upswing.
And of course, babies are messy too. I am SO glad that Ephraim hasn’t seemed to catch anyone’s colds or bugs, but there are never-ending diaper explosions and spit ups to clean up.

Steve has been gone a lot more than usual this week, so I am really excited for the weekend! Steve’s brother, Josh, has been home on his last college spring break. Nolan adores his bearded uncle :)


  1. Yeh for the weekend! It always seems like when one thing happens it triggers more and more messy events :( Hang in there! At least Nolan was ok, and Ephraim is doing well :)

  2. Does that say Bibleopoly?! I've never heard of that! But it sounds amazing!

  3. Adorable pics.... I'm glad is weekend for your sake ! :) Also got your card and birth announcement yesterday ! Both Adorable thank you !!

  4. Dog poo is THE WORST THING EVER!!!! We used to have a lab and I haaaaaaaaaaaaated when she got sick. When her tummy got upset we used to feed her straight rice for a few days and then gradually mix in dog food until she was back to normal. Weird, I know. Hope your weekend is AWESOME and mess free :)

  5. Get that ice cream in my belly! And those baby blues?! Gah!

    Also, bibleopoly?

  6. I feel like this sums up motherhood perfectly! It's always one thing after another! At least you handle it beautifully - love these pics!

  7. What a dream boat little Ephraim is!!


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