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70 summer ideas for kids

70 summer ideas for kids 
I’m linking up with Kelly’s Korner today to share a list of 70 summer ideas for kids. I always tend to blank on fun activities if I don’t plan them ahead of time, so I’m sure I will be referencing this list often! Steve and I are both former summer camp counselors (He was “Program Director” and I was “Arts & Crafts Director”), so hopefully we know our stuff :)

1. Build a castle in the sandbox.
2. Go swimming at the pool.
3. Create with Play Doh.
4. Get ice cream. Frequently.
5. Visit a farm or other wildlife center.
6. Blow bubbles.
7. Go for a long walk.
8. Make a car wash for Hot Wheels.
9. Do crayon rubbings on different surfaces outside.
10. Finger paint with Cool Whip or shaving cream.
11. Pick dandelions.
12. Color with markers on poster size paper.
13. Go to the beach.
14. Put together a large floor puzzle.
15. Make a trip to the zoo.
16. Build with Legos or Duplos.
17. Paint with pastel watercolors or bold temperas.
18. Run in circles outside.
19. Play Duck-Duck-Goose with neighborhood kids.
20. Draw with sidewalk chalk.
21. Start a game of 4-square.
22. Plant seedlings and watch them grow.
23. Play with a water table (I really want one of these!)
24. Learn how to ride a tricycle.
25. Play catch.
26. Kick around a soccer ball. (World Cup this year!)
27. Decorate that soccer ball with Sharpies.
28. Make a fort or set up a tent in the backyard.
29. Visit a great-grandparent or elderly person.
30. Have a picnic in the backyard
31. Drive someplace else to have a picnic.
32. Have a backwards day.
33. Host a home-run derby.
34. Throw a beach party.
35. Dress up for a fashion show.
36. Invite friends over for a talent show.
37. Write and perform skits.
38. Play a home version of Minute-to-Win-It.
39. Cook an egg on the hot sidewalk.
40. Play “Will it break?” (Drop things off a rooftop.)
41. Plaster-of-Paris sand art.
42. Start a game of Braveheart. :)
43. Try frisbee golf, using trees as holes.
44. Have a campfire.
45. Make s’mores on that campfire.
46. Sleep in the backyard.
47. Run through a sprinkler.
48. Dress up like ninjas, pirates, princesses.
49. Press flowers in a phone book.
50. Make embroidery-floss friendship bracelets.
51. Braid a lanyard.
52. Play a game of croquet.
53. Tie-dye white T-shirts.
54. Host a bug race.
55. Read tons of books.
56. Play flashlight tag in the dark.
57. Catch fireflies.
58. Write in the air with sparklers
59. Do hopscotch.
60. Start a jump rope competition.
61. Learn to hula hoop.
62. Go berry picking.
63. Visit a cupcake store.
64. Feed the ducks at a park.
65. Make a birdfeed holder.
66. Swing by a children’s museum.
67. Attend the county or state fair.
68. Make snow cones.
69. Have a kid version of the Olympics.
70. Fight with water balloons. :)

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  1. I might just print out this list and keep it on hand! My preschoolers just finished for the year, and my older daughter is almost done too. We'll be looking for fun things to do!


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