Monday, May 5, 2014

what’s on … my nightstand

Last month, I linked up with Andrea for the topic, “What’s On Your DVR”. Today, we’re all sharing “What’s On Your Nightstand”!  It’ll be a sneak peek of Steve and my master bedroom, which I’ll have to post later :)

I’ve been reading this daily devo Jesus Calling, and I love it! It is worded so well that I actually reread it each time to really focus on the message. Steve picked up Katharine Hepburn’s autobiography for me at a rummage sale. I love autobiographies and can’t wait to get started on it! I’ve heard great things about Made to Crave, and I plan to read it soon. It was only $1 at Goodwill, and I couldn’t pass it up. :)

I have a couple products next to my bed—Eos pomegranate raspberry chapstick and St. Ives lotion. I have been putting Burt’s Bees multipurpose ointment on Ephraim’s cradle cap at night (I’m still having trouble getting rid of it).


I have mentioned this a couple times before, but I eat Clif chocolate chip bars in the middle of the night when I feed Ephraim. It gives me something to look forward to when I’m not quite excited about waking up. I am always thirsty then too, so I keep a water bottle close.

In case I need them, I have my favorite hair ties and bobby pins, ear plugs to help me sleep, Ephraim’s paci to soothe him at night, and my glasses (I am completely blind without them—  -9.00 and -8.50 if you’re curious).

In my bag (from Thirty-One), I keep a burp cloth, notepad, journal, and a Kindle Fire to surf the internet. There are little pockets on the outside of the bag that I use to store Kleenex, Q-Tips, pens, and Post-Its.

That’s about it!

We had a really nice weekend—I’ll have to fill you in more tomorrow :)

Thanks for dropping by :)

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  1. I love the super fun lamp with all those bright colors! Have you ever tried California Baby t-tree and lavender shampoo? It worked wonders for my sons cradle cap and it is no tear unlike some other cradle cap shampoos.

  2. Wow I thought I was blind but my -6 is nothing compared to you!! Also can I say I love your color scheme!! And some great tips for organizing middle of the night feedings!

  3. I am reading Made to Crave right now too - it's excellent so far! I'm also a big fan of Jesus Calling. There is an app for it that I read every day on my phone. I agree, it is very well-written.

  4. Love the colour and especially that framed quote...may have to borrow that idea...

  5. I love that lamp shade and the Jim Elliott printable!!

    Also, do I spy a Vera inside that bag? :)

  6. Love that printable! So cute!!! Thanks so much for linking up!!! :)

  7. Your nightstand packs a big punch with everything you have there, but yet is so clean! I would love for mine to look this nice! Thanks for sharing :)


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