Monday, May 12, 2014

josh’s graduation & mother’s day

On Saturday, we made the trek to see Steve’s younger brother Josh graduate from college! Steve and I lived about a mile from the campus, but we moved away after Josh’s freshman year. It was fun to see our old stomping grounds :)

We first visited Steve’s grandma Olive (his mom’s mom). She is turning 97 this summer, and she still has an amazing memory. She loved meeting and holding baby Ephraim!
We drove past our old apartment (the third floor windows in this photo). It made me really nostalgic for all the memories we had here before we had kids!
We stopped for some delicious subs at a new Jimmy John’s.
After Jimmy John’s, we swung by our favorite chocolate shop for sponge candy, milk chocolate in bulk, and freshly-baked cookies as big as our heads.

This was our view for Josh’s graduation. It started at 2, and they didn’t call Josh’s name until 4. I couldn’t believe that Steve kept Nolan entertained in his seat for 2 hours! (He can barely make it through 15 minutes of church.) Ephraim fell asleep in my arms, so I stayed for the whole 3 hour ceremony.

The four brothers afterwards—Dave, Phil, Josh, and Steve. It was so nice for Phil to fly in from out-of-town.

Josh with his dad Jack and grandpa Jack.

We went out for burgers and wings at Quaker Steak.
Four generations :)

Grandma and Ephraim

Yesterday morning we posed with my mom at church on Mother’s Day.

My mom made me this beautiful bunting! I love the fabrics she chose and the embellishments she added.

I tried to get a photo of me and my babies last night. Doesn’t Nolan look happy to sit next to Mommy?

A little better, I guess :)

So we start off Monday quite exhausted, but we’re very happy to have been able to do so much and spend time with both our moms (and one grandma)! How was your Mother’s Day weekend?


  1. WOW! Y'all were busy this weekend! I can't get over how AWESOME Miss Olive looks! Incredible!!! Happy Belated Mothers Day to you!!!

  2. What an exciting weekend! Happy belated Mother's Day!

  3. What a weekend- and I LOVE that bunting! beautiful -- Happy belated mothers day!

  4. What a great weekend of family! I can't believe Nolan sat still for 2 hours! That is awesome!
    Love the photo of the three of you! Nolan's face is too funny!


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