Friday, May 2, 2014

it’s all in the presentation

Floral & Fudge: Kid Food
I’m linking up with Kelly’s Korner today for “What do you feed your kids for lunch?”.

At age two-and-a-half, Nolan is proving to be quite the picky eater. (Payback for my own picky ways??) All day long, he asks for yogurt, juice boxes, fruit snacks, raisins, ice cream, and “nummy nums” (M&Ms.) That’s about it—fruit and sweets. And the terrible twos hit hard at mealtimes if he’s not given exactly what he wants.

I’ve been learning to stop asking him what sounds good, and instead start SHOWING him what is on the menu. I had all of these foods laid out to photograph on my kitchen table yesterday, and he was reaching for every single one of them. There was something about the presentation of the food—the cute peanut butter penguins, the turkey slices wrapped in puzzle shapes, the butterfly bread. They’re more pleasing to the eye. And they’re just more fun! :)

Floral & Fudge: Kid Food
I found the penguin and puzzle-shape sandwich cutters at Walmart (in the aisle with sippy cups and pacifiers). Truth—even I am 10 times more likely to eat a peanut butter sandwich if it’s in the shape of a penguin. :)

The fruit snacks are Mott’s Medleys—I prefer them over other brands because they are made with natural flavors and colors (no dyes).

Since I am addicted to chocolate chip Clif bars (I eat them in the middle of the night when I feed the baby), I bought Nolan the Clif Kid Z Bars, which are completely organic and contain 10 grams of whole grains.
 Floral & Fudge: Kid Food
We buy the variety pack of “Apple & Eve” juices. They’re delicious!

Floral & Fudge: Kid Food
I am a huge cereal lover, and lately I’ve been eating it two or three times a day. I found that Nolan enjoys snacking on Frosted Mini Wheats—”Touch of Fruit in the Middle”. (They make a raisin one and a raspberry one). He’ll eat it dry, but I give him the option of adding milk.

For dinner, Nolan is expanding his tastes a little bit—but it usually comes down to the basics: pizza, macaroni, hot dogs, oatmeal, or tomato soup. Steve is gone three nights a week at dinnertime, and the baby has me on high demand, so I haven’t been cooking as much as I used to. Now that we’re nearing summer, I’m going to challenge myself to meal-plan ahead of time and try some new recipes!

(All opinions are my own, and I was not compensated to advertise for these brands.)

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  1. Yes, I agree about presentation! My picky eaters would love any of those lunch options. Aren't the Z bars great? I love having that healthy snack option for my kids. :)


  2. Joining you from Kelly's SUYL. I'm gonna try a few of your suggestions with my grandson. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You're such a nice mom! If my kids don't eat what I give them, they go hungry. I think they would like your house better! Ha! :-)

  4. It is so frustrating feeding a picky eater. J has a small list of foods he will eat and even those are hit or miss. The thing that kills me the most is that he doesn't like basic things most kids eat like mac&cheese and grilled cheese. He used to eat them but not anymore.

  5. Adorable !!! I never thought of the presentation of our toddlers, but it certainly makes sense! It's so very frustrating feeding a picky toddler we have retreated to peanut butter sandwiches for most every meal :( I'm going to try some new things from this post ! Thanks Mama :)


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