Tuesday, May 20, 2014

one big collage

Some of you follow me on Instagram (@floralandfudge) and have seen some of these photos already. But, I wanted to record them on the blog for my own memory-keeping purposes :) There are a lot of reasons why I keep up with this blog—but I write first and foremost so that I can share my sweet boys with our family and friends. Most of my family is far away, and they’ve only met Nolan once or twice (and not Ephraim yet). My mom lives only about ten minutes away from me, but anyone else related to me by blood is at least a day’s drive away—Illinois, Indiana, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Texas. Our friends are scattered across the country as well. I really hope that you all feel closer to us through this blog. That would make my heart so happy. And for those of you who haven’t met us yet—I can’t wait to see how our paths will cross :)

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