Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ephraim at 4 months

This is the little face that I get to look at all day, every day, and I am the luckiest girl!! He will search the room for me, and when his eyes land on mine, he gives me the most adorable smiles that melt my heart. Now that it’s summer, I can dress Ephraim in onesies and shorts and oogle over his chubby little thighs and sweet little toes. I will say this in every month’s post, but time is sure flying, and I am setting the goal right now to slow down and enjoy it! This next month is going to include Ephraim’s baby dedication at church (this Sunday), and our first major family road trip!

4 Month Stats

Weight: 15 pounds, 5 ounces

Length: 25 inches

Eating: Nursing exclusively—every 3 hours during the day. I am so happy that I haven’t needed to give him a bottle or supplement this entire time! At this point, Nolan was already on some rice cereal and some formula since he was skinny (though I would do a lot differently now).

Bedtime: We swaddle him for the night when we go to bed at about 11:30 pm, and he sleeps next to me in his Rock ‘N Play.

Awake: He wakes up at 6 or 7, but after I feed him, he’ll snooze until 9.

Naps: He is still having trouble napping by himself without me holding him, but I’ve had decent success setting him down in the Pack ‘N Play sometimes. He takes a morning nap, afternoon nap, and early evening nap.

Diapers: Size 2

Clothes: I just put away the box of 3 month clothes, and we’re now on to 6 months. I’ve been needing to collect more summer clothes for him because Nolan’s 6 month clothes are all very warm & wintery! I just bought him the large size velcro swaddles.

Favorites: He hasn’t quite discovered toys yet, so he LOVES his hands and putting them in his mouth. He needs his paci for naps, but doesn’t sleep with it at night.

Dislikes: The dog barking, Nolan crying, Mommy setting him down… He has started shrieking for me when I walk away from him.

Latest Tricks: Standing up, chewing on his hands, watching Nolan play, staring at Mommy, grabbing my face to pull it towards his mouth. He is starting to roll both directions (tummy to back and back to tummy). It is so ADORABLE how he laughs on the changing table when we tickle under his arms or kiss his tummy. The laughs are just my absolute favorite sound in the world! I put him in the Bumbo for the first time, and he enjoyed it. Pretty soon, it’ll be time for the Jumperoo!

So I still think my babies look alike, but this picture of Nolan certainly doesn’t show that! Nolan had so much more hair! Ephraim still has his brown hair from birth on the back of his head. I finally got rid of most of his cradle cap, and he’s getting some new fuzzy hair on top :) I love these boys!!


  1. I can't believe he's four months old! He's such a handsome little guy :)

  2. He is so cute! Love reading about all the new things each month :)


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