Friday, May 9, 2014

five years

Linking up with Kelly’s Korner for “Show Us Your Life” graduation theme. I graduated from college on May 9, 2009—which is exactly five years ago today :)

In some ways, I feel like it has been ages since I was in school—since I was single sans children. But then again, wasn’t it just yesterday that I lived with four of my best girl friends—staying up way too late discussing the important things in life like food, clothes, and guys?

I went to a Christian liberal arts university on the north side of Chicago. I grew up a mile from the college, but had left for high school (Nebraska), and I was thrilled to return again to my beloved hometown. My mom and other family members were alumni of the school, my grandpa had been a seminary professor there, and I always knew it was where I would choose to go too.
College was absolutely what I hoped it would be! Our school had about 1,400 undergraduates, and the small size meant that you could walk down the sidewalks and recognize the majority of faces. My classmates and friends weren’t just Illinois residents—they were from California, Alaska, Minnesota, Michigan, Tennessee, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, etc. I felt like I fit in so perfectly because I found many people who shared similar beliefs and priorities in life.
I miss all of these wonderful friends on a daily basis!

Couldn’t have made it to graduation without my mama!

These sweet girls were in my elementary education cohort. Here we are all so happy to have student teaching under our belts!

The one person missing from my graduation photos is my (then-fiance) Steve. He was graduating the same day, but three states away. We were disappointed to miss seeing each other walk across the stage and get our diplomas, but it was short-lived sadness because we were about to get married in June and not have to live apart ever again!

In May 2011, Steve received his Master’s degree in English from the same college as he got his Bachelor’s.  I was excited to be there on graduation day—five months pregnant with Nolan :)

We are hoping, Lord willing, that he will graduate with a PhD a year from now, so long as he can finish and defend his dissertation.

So much has happened in the five years since college!  We’ve been married nearly five years, lived in three different towns, and had two beautiful baby boys. I’m so thankful to God for these amazing blessings. :)

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  1. This is a beautiful trip down memory lane : )

  2. Love this (and the photo of you and Meghan!). It's amazing how things evolve, congratulations on everything you've accomplished!

  3. You and your husband are such a handsome couple! And what beautiful children you have too! Wishing you the best as your hubby finishes his PhD! Blessings!

  4. I graduated from college 25 years ago today! Thanks for sharing - your family is beautiful! Have a great mother's day weekend!


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