Thursday, May 7, 2015

Every Girl Link-Up || Spring Decor

Happy Thursday morning to you all! I am pleasantly surprised that we have a high of 81 today in Pennsylvania! The boys and I will definitely have to spend a good amount of time playing outside. Today, Astleigh and I are sharing the simple spring decorations that we have around our homes. (Definitely check hers out, her lovely rustic decor always blows mine out of the water! ;)

When I switched out my Easter decor, I left the bunnies out because they are still springy and elegant for the mantel.


My friend Heather made this bunting for her daughter's first birthday party. I LOVED the fabrics that she chose, so when she offered me a couple of strands, I immediately accepted!


For $3 a piece, I picked up some silk pink peonies at Walmart.


The cute flamingo prints came from here (for free). Astleigh had one hanging in her office, and I thought it was adorable! The pink and blue shades go with the bunting perfectly.


Brightly colored candy is always a part of the decor in our house ;)

I planted some grass seed about 6 weeks ago in tiny pots. I wanted a big wooden box of grass (and I still do), but I couldn't find the right one in any store, so Steve may have to build me one out of scrap wood. I have found it fun to grow grass indoors! It was inexpensive, and the bright green color makes me exceedingly happy :)


Last year, my mom sewed me this bunting for Mother's Day. Isn't it beautiful? I strung it up on my butcher paper roll. 


In addition to the grass, I started growing a calla lilly (from my mother-in-law on Easter) and cherry tomato plants in the house. I can't wait to start the garden outside! (Maybe today will be a good day for that?)

Do you have any spring touches in your home? I can't wait to see!

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  1. Your spring decorations are so pretty!!! Thanks for some great ideas!!:)

  2. I love how soft and chic your decor is no matter what the season. It matches the interior of your home so well.

  3. Ahh! So much cuteness in your home!!! I love these ideas ... the grasses are so festive and maybe something I wouldn't kill (ha!), and I love the buntings! My mom makes those too (we have one in each of the kids' rooms spelling out their names), but having them in seasonal colors on the mantle would be so fun!

  4. I love all the white accents (the cake stands, candy dish, and bunnies). White is perfect for spring. And the flamingos and buntings are perfect, fun touches.

  5. Love your spring décor - so cheery! I think you're the only blogger that I read that spells "mantel" correctly - as in fireplace mantel. So many others spell it "mantle". It's a peeve of mine! Thank you (for letting me vent)!

  6. Umm..decorations are adorable..but those Dove sea salt and dark chocolates?? What the heck..have never seen those in Texas!!!

  7. Okay, so why haven't I ever thought of growing grass in tiny little pots like that before??? Adorable! I am so doing that next spring. :)

  8. I love every last lit'l detail here! The gold in the bunny's ear is gorgeous! The flamingos, flowers, and of course, brightly wrapped chocolates -- all perfect! Your mom's handmade bunting is the sweetest thing ever! Love it! :) Such cheery decor!!
    xo - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate


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