Thursday, May 21, 2015

Owning It With Erika!

Owning It

Today you can find me over at one of my FAVORITE blogs, “A Little Bit of Everything”! Erika has a series called “Owning It” where she asks different bloggers to write about their crazy (their quirks!), and I am honored to be the girl for this month’s post! We all like to make fun of ourselves a little bit, am I right? :)

Go see it HERE! !

And check out the rest of Erika’s blog while you’re there! You’ll fall in love with her and her adorable family :)


  1. Love her "Owning It" series and I loved yours today!

  2. I loved reading your crazy! So much fun!! :)

  3. Hi Rachel - I loved reading your "Owning It" segment on Erika's blog! Our idiosyncrasies are so interesting, aren't they.

    I can relate on the showering point - I don't mind a shower, but it's washing my hair that bothers me (and it's collar length). Oh, and having to put on lotion afterwards for my dry dry skin.

    My latest grammar/spelling peeve is "mantle" vs "mantel" - as in fireplace mantel. I've seen it misspelled in the blogworld so many times! On the other hand, at age 50, I still have to carefully consider when to use "its" and "it's", to the point of breaking down the contraction to make sense.

    Have a great day!

    1. Thanks Laurie!!
      I feel you--brushing my hair and putting on lotion afterwards really extend the length of my showers!
      My current grammar issue is when people are talking about a family (i.e. the Smiths), and add an apostrophe s, when it's not supposed to be possessive. Ah!
      Hope you enjoy Memorial Day weekend!!

  4. So cute!!! I detest washing my hair too!!! It's super thick and a pain to style. And I'm soooo scared of bats!!

    1. Thanks Sarita!!
      I am with you on the hair, even though mine is thin, haha.
      Have a great weekend!!


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