Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Somewhere around the time that Nolan was born, I started to fall in love with little kids’ birthday parties. I had always fawned over the cute details of bridal showers, baby showers, and weddings, but I started thinking about my baby Nolan’s first birthday party, and I got SO excited!

I’ve put a lot of time and work into the parties I’ve thrown for my sons because ultimately, I want to create unforgettable memories for them (and for all of the family and friends that attend)! Granted, my boys may not remember their first couple of parties, but we’ll have the photos to show them. Nolan STILL talks about his donut party—8 months later! So I don’t think there’s a chance he’ll ever forget it :)

Andrea is doing a linkup today—Show and Tell Your Favorite Party. I can’t exactly decide which is my favorite, so I’ll share the FOUR kids’ parties I’ve thrown (three for Nolan and one for Ephraim). The most recent was Ephraim’s Peter Rabbit 1st Birthday Party.

It was a winter party (end of January), so the spring garden theme made all of us happy!

This cake was a labor of love by Steve and me, but I thought it turned out PERFECTLY!

I had some fun with Candy Melts making Lettuce Oreo Truffles and Carrot Pretzels. :)

Making the invites, graphics, and signs might be my favorite part of party-planning!

We waited until Ephraim’s birthday party before we gave him cake for the first time, and he was really into it! Then it smashed into a million pieces and he cried and CRIED!

For more photos of the Peter Rabbit party, click here.

Nolan celebrated THREE years with a DONUT PARTY! It was a huge hit :)

Nolan’s birthday is in early September, so it’s still summery weather. This day was a little rainy, so we stayed indoors and had a sugar overload!

Steve and I made this “cake” out of a styrofoam cone, toothpicks, and donut holes. Yum!

The kids liked donut ring toss!

For more photos of the donut party, click here.

The year before that, we went all out with a TRAIN theme for Nolan’s SECOND birthday!

The color scheme was orange, navy, red, and mint! I love buying M&Ms in custom party colors :)

My mom makes the pretty sugar cookies at all of our parties!

To see the rest of the train party, click here.

And lastly, for Nolan’s very first birthday, we did a classic NAUTICAL theme :)

Look how little and innocent he was!

For the post on the nautical party, click here.

Looking through all of these party photos really puts a smile on my face! They were some of the BEST days of my life!

As the summer approaches, it’s time to start thinking themes for Nolan’s 4th birthday party! I asked him what he wanted a few days ago, and he said a dog party. We will see!

What has been your favorite party (to host or attend)?


  1. UM...you should definitely be a professional party planner!! These parties are PRECIOUS! You did such an amazing job on everything!!

  2. One of my best friends is planning a 2nd donut birthday party. I'm sending her your link! The photo of Nolan carrying a bright tray of donuts was so cute! Your parties truly are inspiring. You can see the time, effort, and love you put into the planning. Where did you get the navy dress with bright orange flowers? I love it!

    1. Thanks Maren!! The dress is Liz Claiborne from Penney's--but it was quite a few years ago because it was my rehearsal dress the night before our wedding :)

  3. These are so, so awesome! Love the details? Can you help me plan my stuff?!

  4. Love your parties Rachel! My favorite picture might be the one of Nolan carrying the tray of donuts. Adorable!

  5. Oh my goodness! I love your skills! ;) Can I hire you to plan my son's birthday coming up in September? I love all of them, but my favorite was the Peter Rabbit! LOVE.

  6. What beautiful parties! I may have to steal that donut shop theme for my boys one year!

    1. Thanks Sylvie! You should steal it--it's an easy theme to run with! :)

  7. Um cutest parties EVER!!! If these aren't on Pinterest they need to be!!! So fun!!

  8. I love that Luke & Nolan both had the same theme for their 1st & 2nd Bday parties...great minds think alike :) I am doing Construction for his 3rd....totally loving the Donut Idea though...might have to use that for one of my girls...they are obsessed with donuts!!
    Great job on all your parties!!!!

    1. Thanks Mel!! You are one of my biggest party-planning inspirations! :) :)

  9. You throw the sweetest parties! I love all the detail in each one :)

  10. WOW!!! You are the hostess with the mostess, Rachel!! I adore every last detail of these incredible parties, and am leaving here inspired! ;) xo - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

  11. Oh goodness, your boys are so blessed to have such a talented mama! So cute!!!!

  12. I love all your parties!!! I couldn't agree more on creating memories for your kids. That's my driving force. J still talks about his Mickey Mouse party that was 3 months ago.

  13. Oh my goodness!! I am a big party freak. I love hosting and attending parties. These kid’s party photographs you shared here are just incredible. I always host my daughter’s birthday at the kid’s party venues in Houston but this year I would love to host the party at home. This is so exciting!


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