Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Favorites

It’s Friday again, can you believe it? I want to share some of my favorite things from this second week of May :)

Yesterday I shared about my favorite tabletop décor. A few days ago, Steve made me this flower box (below)out of scrap wood, and I am in LOVE with it! It seems to be just what we were missing to keep our table pretty and (hopefully) clutter-free :)


I certainly don’t wish the time away with my babies, but one of my favorite parts of the day is cuddling with Steve after we put the boys to bed. We love watching house-rehabbing shows and dreaming about future home projects. Sometimes we browse Netflix and find gems—for instance, we started “Chef’s Table” which is pretty fascinating, and we started “The Kennedys” last night. “The Best of Me” was our recent choice from the Red Box—and I do not recommend it! Has anyone seen it? I thought it would be good with James Marsden, but the writing by Nicholas Sparks let me down! We did like, “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”. . .” It was fun!

On Wednesday, I mentioned that one of my very favorite outfits is simply my jeans and a white Hanes men’s t-shirt. I bought these mint and gold earrings, and they seem to brighten up my face and add a little “pretty” to any outfit!


As I was photographing my tabletop décor, Ephraim started playing peekaboo with me and hiding in the curtains. It was the cutest thing! His happiness in this moment just had to be documented :) He couldn’t contain himself :)


The baby robins on our porch hatched last Friday, and I am obsessed! On Tuesday, I took the above photo of the little babies, and I could not get over how cute they were!

Yesterday, I checked back again, and they had grown so much in only two days! Their eyes were open, their wings are dark with feathers, and most notably—they have started chirping for food!

I took Nolan outside with me, and we watched from afar as the mommy brought back food for her babies. All of them stuck out their necks and chirped, and I nearly died from the sweetness of it! :)
Steve stumbled upon the band “I Am They”, and we’ve been listening to them all week. They’re similar to Rend Collective because they’re part of the folk rock movement. It’s a group of six people who play the banjo, a hard-strumming guitar, piano, mixed percussion, and sing with a male and female harmony. This is the boys’ new favorite music video. I think almost anyone could love this song!


Have a great weekend, friends!!

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  1. Did you guys catch the eggs hatching? How cool that your boys are able to see the baby robins with the mama. Love your new flower box!

  2. Love your plant box, such a great idea! I love that video, off to itunes I go, haha! I just posted on my Friday Favorites how much into Bluegrass I am right now...Happy Friday!

  3. Love the plant box, and your earrings are so cute!

  4. Happy Friday, Rachel! The flower box that Steve made you is perfect! Super cute tabletop decor. ;) Snuggling up with my hubby is a highlight of my day too. Praise God for the beautiful gift of marriage. :) Hooray for those precious baby birds!! They are so sweet!! Loving that song, and looking forward to checking out more of their stuff. Thanks for sharing. ;) Have a beautiful weekend!! Xx - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

  5. That plant box is so cute!! I loved The Kennedy's & really want to check out The Chef's Table. Have a good weekend! :)

  6. Hi, visiting from Friday Favorites.... That wooden plant box is so cute! I love it! Also, the little baby birds are so sweet!

  7. I love our evenings after Abigail is in bed and we watch something together on Netflix :) Right now we're watching Malcolm In The Middle- which you guys would probably love with a household of boys! haha!

  8. Love the flower box and the pic of the baby bird with his mouth open is amazing!!

  9. Love the flower box and the pic of the baby bird with his mouth open is amazing!!

  10. First off, I am digging those earrings! And the pictures of the birds, OMGeee, how stinkin' cute is that!

  11. I love the flower box on the table. SO pretty!
    My husband and I have Netflix date nights 4 nights a week. Definitely a favorite part of my day!


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