Thursday, May 14, 2015

Every Girl Link-Up | Tabletop Décor

Good morning! Today, Astleigh and I are excited to do another design-related Every Girl Link-Up! Today, we are sharing simple ideas for tabletop décor. I don’t claim to be an expert on making centerpieces and table displays—but hopefully you can glean some inspiration in this post!

I have Astleigh and her husband Pete to thank for the idea behind my new indoor flower box. Astleigh always posts photos of her rustic boxes that hold beautiful succulents. Knowing that Steve always has scrap wood lying around, I convinced him to take an hour or so and put a box together :)

These were the rough boards that Steve used—they were once used as part of a bed frame to hold up the mattress. He put them through a planer and a jointer to clean them up, and then he cut them to size. Once nailed together, he stained the box a dark walnut. I may actually stain it a second time to get it a little darker.

I was planning on filling the box with succulents, but I wasn’t crazy about the selection at Lowe’s. I found these pretty perennials called “Autumn Joy Sedum” that have smooth, almost-round leaves similar to succulents, but also have tiny, beautiful pink blossoms! I didn’t know until long after I bought them that they are supposed to grow quite large, so they probably won’t be staying in my new box for long ;) I’m sure that there are many different ways to creatively fill the box. Maybe next time I’ll make a display with candles, books, greenery, or even candy :)

The tablecloth is Cynthia Rowley from TJMaxx, and the rustic, real-tree, colored pencils were found there as well :)

When it comes to our kitchen table, I keep it pretty simple. Sometimes we have no centerpiece, and other times, I’ll have flowers from the yard in a little glass vase that the boys can’t easily knock over. Today, I have some hot pink carnations from Mother’s Day. Our church handed out individual carnations to all the mothers. We were the last people in the building (happens often), so I grabbed the leftovers. :)

If you have a tabletop décor post to share, grab our graphic, and link up with us below. I can’t wait to see your décor!

Come back tomorrow for Friday Favorites :)

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  1. So pretty!!! I love the indoor flower box and the pretty plants you put in it!!!! 💕

  2. You're so lucky your hubby is so handy. Love the flower box!


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