Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Three Day Weekends

Things that have made me exceedingly happy this weekend:

Going out for strawberry and lemon meringue pie with a best friend (and my two little boys in tow).

Picnicking with wonderful church friends who provide my boys with outdoor entertainment (like t-ball) and patriotic ice cream sundaes.

Seeing Nolan and Ephraim run wild around my in-laws’ house while we get time to chat.

Washing the windows and seeing how clear and shiny the view is after two years of dirt.

Dining al fresco at my mom’s house with grilled ham, cheesy potatoes, and pasta salad with lemon dressing. From her table, all you see is green at this time of year, and it’s incredibly beautiful.

Blowing bubbles with my babies.

Having a quick visit with a sweet friend and her (five!) boys.

Reflecting on our hard-earned freedom in this country.

Hope your Memorial Day weekend was extra special!



  1. Those things would all make me happy as well!!! Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend!!

  2. That ice cream sundae looks amazing!!

  3. I bet the boys were in heaven with that beautiful yard to run and play in!

  4. Three day weekends are the best :) Sounds like you had a good one! That sundae looks amazing! haha

  5. I love that picture of you and Nolan! So sweet!

  6. Perfectly patriotic! I love everything about this. And ice cream...with a cherry on top! Yum!


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