Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What I Wore

I found this ethereal white kimono at Target a few weeks ago. I was enamored with the beautiful crochet detail on the back, so it inevitably came home with me. ;)

This week so far has found me with high highs and low lows, and through it all, God has been faithful to me. He reassures me that the little day-to-day problems I face are so small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things. And though sometimes life feels a little monotonous, I feel like He’s telling me that right now is a turning point towards some pretty wonderful things.

White Crochet Back Kimono | Target (Mossimo)
Jeans | American Eagle Skinny Jeans
Wedges | Crocs A-Leigh Mini Wedge
Earrings | Target

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  1. Your whole outfit is beautiful!!! I love the crochet too!!!! Praying the rest of your week is full of high highs!!!! 💕

  2. Cute! I've been searching for a kimono to add to the closet ;)

  3. Love that kimono! So cute! :)

    Hope the rest of your week is full of highs! :)

  4. Beautiful kimono style shirt - from Target, no less! Love the turquoise wedges, too!

  5. I am all about the kimonos right now!! I think they are so cute. Love the one you have!

  6. The sleeves and back are so beautiful! Just light and airy enough for summer!


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