Thursday, December 12, 2013

our advent calendar

advent calendar
I knew I wanted to start an Advent tradition this year with Nolan. I wasn’t sure if he was quite old enough for “Elf on the Shelf”, and we don’t really have the money to invest in a pricey Advent calendar. Next year, I’d like to do something with more meaning, like a children’s devotional or reading certain verses together each day. But for now, we just have little envelopes that we open up once a day. I bought Nolan chocolates, Christmasy erasers, and stickers to put in each envelope… but then he acted disappointed when the erasers and stickers weren’t edible, so I just put candy in all of them.

Nolan gets SO excited to open his envelope of the day. He has tried many times to push a chair up to the calendar to try and reach them himself. I’ve even caught him standing on a table nearby to get closer to them—yikes! He starts saying numbers in the morning to ask for his envelope (he can’t read numbers past 10, so even though today is envelope #12, he’ll start guessing what today’s number is: “2?”, “6?”, “9?”.) Then I’ll reply, “Wait until later when Daddy comes home.” :)

I couldn’t find the right size or material envelopes that I wanted at the store, so I cut and glued these envelopes from brown kraft paper. I found the tags and the red and green baker’s twine at JoAnn Fabrics. And then I glittered up some mini clothespins that I already had. I love the way it turned out!

Do you have an Advent calendar? What does it look like?


  1. I was so excited to get out my advent calendar this year! I spent ages a few years ago making one similar to what I grew up with as a kid. ( But I agree with you, I also want to start doing a scripture a day to get more into the true meaning of Christmas.

  2. What a sweet advent calendar! I love how you displayed it in your home. Glad that Nolan enjoys it so much!

  3. My mom bought our advent calendar house from Cracker Barrel years ago for us as a gift. I love it because it plays music when you open the little doors. X likes the music so he loves to open the doors. He loves fruit snacks and his vitamins are gummies so we give him his daily vitamin when the door opens and he doesn't know any different :) Next year may be a bit more challenging! lol!

  4. This is absolutely adorable and so creative! I'm going to have to remember this for next year! :)

  5. That is really, really, really cute. You did a great job. We're doing "Truth in the tinsel" with Abigail this year and it has been really great. You should consider doing it next year!

  6. Love it! We had a felt tree to decorate growing up, with baby Jesus in a manger as the ornament on Christmas eve, and Santa Claus as the ornament on Christmas Day. Santa always hung up his own ornament every night, it was so magical!

  7. So adorable! Love the glitter clothes pin touch!

  8. that looks wonderful! I wanted to do something similar this year but it never came together - definitely glittering my clothespins next year :)

  9. Oh my gosh I am in love with this advent calendar! You did an amazing job- it's absolutely gorgeous!!



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